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Doggy Collars

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We know how much you enjoy variety in your clothes and ensembles and so does your furry best friend! Wearing the same old puppy doggy collar with the same  doggy pet leash every day can get a little boring, right? Plus, you demand quality in your canine’s attire along with great prices…so you are in the right place! Is your tail wagging dude or diva a constant companion? Does your doggie wear accessories to match the occasion? Is business attire and casual appropriate for your barky work partner? Are any of your dog collars falling apart? Start here to find just the right match for your fur baby!

Form and function make our designer doggie collars unique...

Our selection of designer dog collars  will be sure to fit any event that takes you and your precious pooch out for walks, parties and adventures. Start with our cotton dog collars that are made with designer fabric of 100% cotton, machine washable, made in the USA and made to last. Then picture your puppy-love’s name on a luxurious snakeskin, croc or glittery collar with rhinestone lettering and charms that will let the world know your fur baby is a star, a player and an item!  For unlimited variety in fashion, canine attitude and uniqueness, our ribbon doggie collars have such character and couture looks that you will probably need more than one for your pampered fuzzy best friend! No matter if you choose one or all of our doggy collars for pets to give as a gift or dress your own beloved fur companion, you will be pleased with our quality, attention to detail and variety at the Doggie Diva Boutique!