Doggie Diva loves dog feeding bowls! Dog bowls for small dogs, big dog feeders, bling dog bowls, unique dog bowl, dog travel bowls, sports dog bowls, etc... You name it, we like to carry it for you! Each day dog eats their dog food and treats and drinks out of his or her dog bowls so style, functionality and size is definitely an important factor when choosing the right dog bowl for your dog. As you can see, dog bowls for pets come in all shapes and sizes. What is right for your dog all depend's on your dog's size and your own needs. We here at Doggie Diva love to match our dog's bowls to our own personal style and the style of our kitchen, where our dogs actually eat out of their dog feeders and drink their water. Using a place mat under your dog bowls is a great idea so you can catch any crumbs, soak up so extra doggy drips and wipe it clean whenever necessary.