Designer & Luxury Dog Collars

Now here is a luxury dog collar look, you will not want to ignore. How about eco-friendly luxury ultra suede for your pooch’s dressier dog collar wardrobe by dog collar designer Susan Lanci? These beautiful soft, recycled suede material collars for dogs not only look fantastic in red, black or fuchsia luxury ultra suede or animal print in leopard or zebra, but they are also comfortable with a curved side snap buckle closure, adjustable slides and metal D-ring for leash and tags. Sizes XXS to XL fit fuzzy necks from 5 to 23 inches. In many cases, matching designer dog leashes and/or harnesses can be found with the same luxurious ultra suede material. Your precious fur buddy will love having this addition to their luxury and designer dog collar wardrobe, especially when the two of you hit the town, in your glam outfits that include touches of suede!

Luxury Dog Collars

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