One of the joys of having a small breed or mix partner is their affectionate tendency to cuddle up and be lap dogs too! Here at Doggie Diva we have the answer to giving little four-pawed companions the best of cozies and Snuggle Beds that serve a lot of purposes. Our collection of three-in-one cuddle beds can also be made into a car seat and a carry bag! Now how clever is that?

The 12 x 16 inch reversible bed stretches out for a cozy sleep spot. Then you can use the attached ribbon to cinch up the bed into an adorable pouch for plopping onto the sofa so your puppy love can sit next to you or in the back seat of your car for a ride along. Add the adjustable 37 inch strap to make a carry bag for your fur baby that is 16 inches deep. We think you will agree with all the choices of reversible solids and patterns, plush material and bed, pouch plus bag versatility that this is one great way to have your tail wagger with you whenever you wish!