Baltimore Orioles Dog Products

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Baltimore Orioles Dog Products

The Baltimore Orioles Dog Products are now at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. Dog jerseys, dog apparel, dog clothing, dog bowls, collars, leashes and much more are available with Official MLB logo designs. Your Orioles loyalty will shine through when you give your doggie the Baltimore Orioles Dog Products!

You and your fur sports fan can sing like a bird…and Oriole, that is…when you both dude up in your official MLB Baltimore Orioles gear! Nothing says loyalty like a logo rich shirt or tee that has the beautiful Birds team logo, lettering and colors that are true to Baltimore’s baseball memorabilia! Black, orange and white look so professional on your doggie’s official jersey and tee shirt. Add the gray tee with the brilliant O’s logo and lettering and you will have complete outfits for your pooch to wear for home or away games! At home or away with your precious pet, you can further keep the spirit alive by feeding and watering your fur pal using the Baltimore Orioles pet bowls. The sturdy and shiny stainless bowls have non-tip rubber on the base to keep from tipping when your buddy with a tail gets too enthusiastic at dinnertime! Head out to the park, the pub or to friends’ homes with your best fur barker wearing the official Orioles collar and matching leash. You need more than one for your pup’s wardrobe, so get a cloth collar and leash that has all the pretty Birds colors on it. Then for super special occasions when you really want to broadcast how much you love your O’s, use the leather dog collar that is made with the same white leather and red chevron stitching you would find on a baseball. When you attach the matching leather handled lead, you will be proud to strut with your furry four-pawed partner among other baseball fans! For play and exercise, the soft Rope Baseball Toy is a perfect fetch, catch, pull and tug toy (with the two rope nylon ends) for Giving your fuzzy athlete a good workout either pre-game or during the 7th inning stretch. Add the Plush Bat Toy and give it a squeak to perk up those floppy ears for even more fun for you and your tail wagger or for multiple barky pals! Then for a handsome and beautiful accessory to insert into your pampered pet’s wardrobe, you can’t beat the dramatic black bandana with the bright orange Bird logo on it! You do not have to be at Orioles Field to get these fantastic official Major League Baseball items for your pets! Simply get your gear from us at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique online and you can be ready to participate in baseball series action year round! Three-time world Series Titles (1966, 1970, 1983) make the Orioles overdue for a big win. So, no excuses, get your fur partners all the best in official Baltimore O’s attire and gear and help push your team into a winning season. Give your team a Woof, woof and Chirp!