Buy Antlers for Dogs: The Ultimate Dog Chew Treats for Pets!

Welcome to the yummiest section of our site, where selling antlers for dogs. If you have never tried antler dog chews treats pets, then you absolutely do not know what you are missing! Ever spend a LOT of money on a dog bone or treat for your pet and see it devoured in less then one day, maybe even within the first few minutes? Do you enjoy throwing your hard earned money away, just like that? Did you know elk antlers for dogs is the greatest dog product around? Did you know that your doggies can eat elk antlers, deer antlers and moose antlers and it's healthy and tasty for them?

Antlers for Dogs & other Yummy Dog Treats

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Elk antler dog treats have gained a lot of high customer reviews and loyal customers, too. What makes these antlers for dogs great is because it is made with all natural ingredients and can also last longer than any other chew bones. Depending on how aggressive your dog is in chewing, these antlers can last up to six months. It is made will all natural ingredients, meaning no harmful chemicals are used to produce it. These chew bones are also known to help ease your dog’s joint pains and even arthritis.

It can also help whiten your dog’s teeth. It comes in various sizes that are made to complement your dog’s size, too. Whether your dog is a Chihuahua or an English mastiff, you can order the right size of antler dog chews that will keep him occupied for months. It does not cause your dog’s gums to bleed when chewing, unlike some chew toys, and elk antlers for dogs are also made to train your dog’s chewing behavior. You will just see the improvement with your dog’s behavior especially when it is not suppose to chew other things at your home. These antlers for dogs are a little bit expensive than other chew bones but are definitely worth the price you pay. It also doesn’t smell bad, stain or splinter (which can’t be said or rawhide bones or deer antlers).

Because it is all natural, it has a great taste that your dog will surely love. This dog treat has a grayish or cream color and a tasty marrow in the center. Because of these certain qualities, more customers are picking up elk antlers for dogs for their happy chewers. You may not always give a second thought to what treats you give your dog. But maybe you should. Certain dog treats can cause indigestion and are often filled with corn-based filler that won’t satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs.“But it’s just a treat!” you might say. Yes, that’s true. But should you let your kids eat terrible sweets and junk several times a day as “treats?” That’s what you do with your dog if the treats you feed him are garbage.

So, what is healthy for a dog to eat for a treat or toy? Antlers for dogs are a healthy alternative to corny biscuits that your dog will love AND will be great for his body. Dogs can chew on these elk antlers for dogs for days and days, unlike most treats or rawhide bones. Antler dog chews come naturally from elk — the antlers are collected after the elk lose them every year (yep, they grow back!). No harm, no worry. Just a delicious treat. Dogs love when they get through the outer layer and into the marrow! Elk antlers for dogs differ from deer antlers for dogs, because the deer variety have a tendency to splinter as your dog chews through it. Elk antlers don’t have that problem, which is why our online dog boutique doesn’t sell deer antlers. However, you should take any hard toy or treat away from your dog once it is small enough to accidentally swallow.

As far as tasty pet goodies are concerned, antler treats for dogs are a popular choice, as they last longer with even aggressive chewers and don’t stink once your dog starts chewing. But while a rawhide bone is always a rawhide bone, antler dog chews are a bit different. How fresh the antler is impacts how much it can benefit your dog, so just going with the cheapest elk antlers for dogs won’t always be cheaper in the long run.

First off, you need to know a little bit about how we get antler treats for dogs. Well, elk shed their antlers every year, and those antlers are gathered and cleaned off to sell as antler dog chews. The sooner the antlers are picked up, the better they are for your dog. Elk antlers naturally have a lot of vitamins and minerals that your dog won’t even notice he’s getting, since he’ll be too busy noming on the tasty antler dog chews.

They are especially healthy if you pick up antler treats for dogs that still have the outer layer of velvet intact. This is the first thing to dry up and fall off, so these are somewhat harder to come by but are definitely worth the trouble. To determine if an antler is fresh, all you need to do is look at the color. If it is stark white, then you have an old, somewhat withered one. But if the antler chews for dogs are grey or cream colored, you have found a source of fresh antlers!