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Toys from MLB for An Afternoon Baseball Game for Doggies at the Park

Toys from MLB for An Afternoon Baseball Game for Doggies at the Park
An Afternoon Ball Game for Poochs at the Park

Mom and Dad took us to the big park last week and we met the cutest little Scotties in one of the grassy areas. They were about to play a ball game for canines so we were invited to watch! Here is how it went.

The Black Scottish Terrier named “Barker” had an Arizona Diamondbacks Plush Baseball Bat Dog Toy ($12.50) that was 13 inches long. We knew it was a Diamondbacks dog toy because the logo on it said so! The White Scottish Terrier named “Scooter” had the coolest Atlanta Braves Rope Baseball Dog Toy ($12.50). The nylon ball doggie toy was white with the proper ball stitching and a Braves logo on it. On each side, there were these great ropes that Scooter could grab with her teeth. My brother, Bubba and I sat on the sidelines and watched as the two Scotties had a large time with their new MLB dog toys. 

First, Barker took the plush bat by the handle and whacked at the ball in Scooter’s mouth. This made Scooter drop her rope ball canine toy and charge after Barker to get even with him. Scooter yanked the ball dog toy out of Barker’s mouth while Barker ran over to the ball and picked it up with his teeth. Then everything went crazy. The two Scotties had a tug of war with the ropes on the dog toy, while their Dad picked up the baseball bat toy and squeaked it to get their attention. When they heard those squeaks, Scooter let go of the rope baseball and Barker rolled over backwards in the grass. Scooter leapt in the air to grab the soft baseball bat and she took it back to Barker to give him a couple of whacks on the nose to make him drop the baseball. After many swats between the two fidos, another tug of war with the rope ball and a lot of squeaks from the two baseball toys, the two Scotties fell over and lay panting on the lawn. Bubba and I were laughing our noses off! We have never seen such fun entertainment in one afternoon at the park.

We promised to meet our newfound Scottie friends again in the park to watch another baseball game for doggies. Even if you do not have two petss, you will enjoy many hours of fun with your pooch when you get them your favorite MLB Team’s Dog Products ($9.50-$22.50) at the Doggie-Diva Online Boutique.



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