You and Your Pooch: Get the Right Pet Carrier for a Match Made in Heaven

You and Your Pooch:  Get the Right Pet Carrier for a Match Made in Heaven

Fido Carriers -Choosing the Best One for Your Animal

Whenever you and your dogster travel, the right  Carrier makes a huge difference in how successful your travel plans will be. Designer carriers are a big seller among dog boutiques and rightly so. These convenient accessories offer hands-free convenience for dog owners on the go. Choosing the right dog carrier requires a small amount of research and planning before making an actual purchase. Schedule any travel plans two or more weeks in advance in an effort to make sure the dog carrier you select will be delivered before dog travel is necessary. 

Dog Carrier Size

While most doggie boutiques will list the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity, this is not the ideal method for selection of a carrier. Owners should always consider weight but comfortable accommodations for your dog include the consideration of your pet’s measurements. Obtaining Accurate Pooch Measurements To accurately choose the best pet carrier for your dog’s size, you will first need to measure your pet’s backbone using a tape measure or yard stick. Begin from the resting point of your dog’s collar to the base of the tail. Add three inches to this number and you will have the appropriate length needed for your dog carrier. Next, you will need measurements to determine the canine carrier’s appropriate height. Begin measuring from the ground and stop at the top of your dog’s shoulders. The appropriate number of inches to add to this number will depend on the size of your dog. Depending on the height and stature of your doggie, you will need to add anywhere from one to five inches. Do not make the mistake of measuring from the floor to the top of your dog’s head. The only exception to this method of measurement is in regards to slings and front packs which offer a more cozy experience for your four legged friend.

Ideal Dog Carrer Features

The features of your pet carrier are important for your peace of mind and your dog’s overall comfort as well as safety. Select carriers which offer sturdy mesh ventilation panels so your dog can see you. If these ventilation panels offer privacy flaps for your beloved pets, this is even better as your dogs may prefer the solitude when in a crowded or noisy area. In addition, the carrier should be light-weight and zippers or other fastening devices should be of the absolute highest quality for your pet’s safety. Lush padding will offer added comfort for your pooch while easy cleaning options will simplify your life. Additional features for optimal travel include the ability to access your pooch from overhead for convenient petting and reassurance. One sizeable pouch or pocket is also helpful for keeping a leash and treat or two while durable handles that will allow piggy back feature for use with other luggage is also helpful. 

Designer Dog Carriers

When you choose a carrier from a trusted brand such as Kwigy-Bo, Jaraden, or Petote, doggie travel becomes easy and convenient. Don’t be tempted by cutesy discount store knock-offs if your pet travels often. Opt instead for a superior designer dog carrier which will help your precious pooch arrive without soreness and suffering time and again.

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