Winter Accessories to Beat the Cold (It's More Than Just Sweaters!)

Winter Accessories to Beat the Cold (It's More Than Just Sweaters!)

Winter is around the corner and you want to make sure your dog stays warm during the winter months. Many people assume that sweaters are the only option. If you are looking for warm dog sweaters and other options to keep your dog warm during winter, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you want your dog to look stylish or keep them warm, there are plenty of options to try out.


Buying winter booties for your dog isn’t just for looks. They can protect your dog’s paws from the cold, frostbite, sharp ice, and harmful sidewalk salts. Not every dog likes having the booties on because it makes their feet feel different, but it can save them from damaging their paws. They are sold in a variety of flexible materials from rubber boots to sock-like coverings. These are great for dogs of all sizes to enjoy those winter walks. 

Coats & Jackets

Purchasing a coat for your dog can be that extra layer they need to stay warm in the winter. Some coats are made specifically for looks while others are made out of warm and waterproof materials. Your choice depends on how much warmth your dog needs and what climate your dog will be in. If you live in a place that has more rain or colder temperatures you will want to choose more resistant materials. Jackets are great for dogs of all sizes that will be outside for more than a minute or two. To determine their coat size you can measure the circumference of their midsection and neck, and the length of their back. Make sure there is room for movement as well. 

Sweaters, Vests, & More

Even though dogs have that warm layer of fur, it might not be quite enough on colder days. If you have a smaller dog or a short-haired dog, you may want to consider adding an extra layer. If your dog seems cold around the house or from a short minute outside, you may want to find them something to wear. There are many options for sweaters and vests that can be both decorative and warm. The other options are fleeces, hoodies, and shawls. These are options that can be a little looser on the dog if they are cold but not a fan of sweaters. 


Always make sure your cute dog outfits and other apparel are loose-fitting and that your dog can move around comfortably. Don’t leave your dog unattended while wearing the clothing and if there is a tear or snag, remove the clothing. Keep your pup safe and warm this winter!

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