Why you should buy a quality dog purse carrier for your pup?

Why you should buy a quality dog purse carrier for your pup?

Dog carriers that look like a purse are all the craze, why you should buy a quality purse carrier? We will tell you many reasons...

Dog purse carriers are ideal for owners who love their pet dogs tugging along wherever they go. Now, if heading for a long trip with your dog in tow, you have an array of dog carriers to take your pick from. For short car trips, the soft-sided varieties are a good bet. And for taking your pet on a plane, you must have the airline-approved ones.

Though, what if you want your dog to accompany you on errands or subways or runways? Now, surely, you have the option of pet carriers; they are both practical and stylish. However, you must choose from a range of chic ones. For you sure want to up your style quotient, right? So, opt for the dog purse carriers. With them, you can keep your dog close while they are safe and comfortable inside, and be discreet – if you wish so.

Quality of good purse for your dog

When shopping for quality dog carriers that look like purses (or, in other words, you want to make a worthwhile investment), then the general recommendation are the ones that are comfortable and durable. More so, the accessories should be composed of high-quality materials. Besides, interior and exterior pockets are a must so you can store all your requisites. Padded footpads and soft handles are other features in pup carriers to consider during your purchases.

Depending on your dog’s weight, you must select the ones having weight capacity that can carry your pet comfortably.


Purse carriers for dogs composed of waxed canvas and leather are a good buy, for they are considered to be sturdy and durable.

Also, you can choose among models having cotton exterior for protection against moisture and water-resistant nylon interior. Such models can hold dogs weighing around 30 kgs with ease.

Now, if you want a designer-like purse that functions as a dog carrying bag, then opt for the striped canvas fabric ones.


These fashion type carriers come in all shapes and sizes. Though, as per your dog’s height and width and weight, go ahead with the ones that would keep them comfortable.

If you have a small dog, the faux patent leather accent varieties are fairly popular. The interiors come with plastic-mesh ventilated panels to keep your pet cool.

Most carriers specify the weight capacity of dogs that fit inside. Normally, small dog carriers are suited to dogs under 15 pounds. Nonetheless, if your dog is larger in size or will grow, then the medium-sized dog models are perfect.

Water resistance

Dog purse carriers having water-resistant fabric are a recommended buy for both daily use and outdoor activities. Additionally, for safety, they have reinforced stitching and zippers. Some varieties have doors on both sides so your dog can walk in and out easily too. Also, you can reach your dog with the top zipper.


One feature that makes pet purse carriers pet-friendly is padding. Yes, well-padded carriers ensure the security of your dog.

For dogs that weigh up to 2 kgs, the cosy foam padded bags are a good investment. To make carrying your dog easy, they come with two wide webbing straps as well. Besides, the removable interior pads can be washed easily.


Dog purse carriers, usually, have mesh panels on sides to ensure ventilation. Even so, if you want to be discreet, then go with the removable Velcro covers. The Velcro flaps allow you to cover or hide the mesh sides - as required.

5 quality carriers for you to consider

Designed by Petote is the Camouflage Dog Tote Orange Leather Trim. This chic tote-style bag has a weight capacity of 10-12 lbs, with zippered inside and outside pockets. Removable fur padding and mesh top for ventilation are other features of this fashionable carrier.

Kate Black Patent Carrier seems like a purse and works as a dog carrier. The chain-link straps and Vegan leather with a faux fur lining give your dog a fashionable feel and keep them comforted as you stroll with them.

Kate Quilted Carrier in Light Pink also has chain-link straps for carrying your dog in the bag on your hand or shoulder. The side cutout permits your dog to look around while you are running around. Attractive pink carrier for your beloved pet.

If you love faux leather, then do not look further than the Kwigy-Bo Alex Black. The bag has removable quilted pads and soft-sided edges as well. Roomy interiors ensure your dog is comfortable when seated inside too. The bag, also, has aplenty storage space for your essentials.

The Alex Luxe Carrier is sturdy in design with braided leather. And Alex Luxe Copper adds to the stylish quotient of the bag. The silvery, gleaming look is sure to make heads turn as you are out and about with your little furry friend in tow. The roll-down side flaps keep your pet concealed.

Why doggie diva?

Doggie Diva boasts of an enviable collection of luxury purses. From extra pockets for keeping your stuff to interior padding for your dog’s comfort, Doggie Diva has them all in their compilation of purse carriers. Offering a variety of colors, you can pick the one that best accessorizes with your style.

Sure, you may enjoy travelling with your pet. Though travelling in style with your pet adds to the fun. The best dog carrier that look like women's bags are those that are an eclectic blend of style and comfort.

The Doggie Diva Designer collected works of dog purses range from Hello Doggie to BK Atelier to Kwigy-Bo to Jaraden to Petote to the Dog Squad. You can select from colors such as gold, brown, black, silver, pink and camo when hitting the road with your dog.

The purses have common aspects including soft edges and roll-up panels on the sides and lightweight in design and provide full concealment and are airline approved for pet travel and have the look and feel of a voguish women’s purse.

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