Why We Love the Horgan


Horgan no pull harnessWhy We Love the Horgan Harness


Tired of being dragged along when your canine is on the leash? Feel like you’re the one who’s being walked? The Horgan Doggie Harness can help! We here at Doggie-Diva recently discovered this harness that does not pull, making walking your pooch much easier and less stressful.

Some dogs just never get the hang of walking on a leash, but the more conventional options don’t provide any fun solutions to this problem. Choke chains are borderline inhumane, and regular dog harnesses make it more comfortable for your pet but no easier for you to walk him.

The Horgan harness is different because it is the first for the back leg.

The Harness Difference -- First of its Kind!

Developed by veterinarian Jason Horgan, the Horgan no pull harness ($29.95) does more than wrap around the body -- it also wraps around the hind legs! This prevents your canine from pulling too hard on the lead, because he will be pulling on his hind legs and breaking his momentum.


Most of a canine’s power comes from his back legs, so this harness puts a stop on too much forward power. Don’t worry about your Fido -- this training harness is not at all painful to your pooch. It looks a little bizarre when dogs first start using it -- when they pull too hard, your dog will look a little bit like he’s skipping.


The Horgan harness with no pull is great as a training harness, or for children who want to walk a powerful doggie safely. We've seen bad walkers that always pull on the lead become much more manageable in this harness.


Plus, if you'd like your choice of stylish leashes, we offer super cute retractable dog leashes ($31.95) in all sorts of styles.

Do you think your dog could benefit from the Horgan Dogs Harness?

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