Saluting Vets Taking Care of Pets During Occupy Wall in New York City

Saluting Vets Taking Care of Pets During Occupy Wall in New York City

Saluting Vets Taking Care of Pets during Occupy 

The 99 percent are getting a little help from veterinarians during the weeks long protest Occupy Wall  in New York City and we here at Doggie Diva want to recognize these generous doctors and assistants. Darwin Animal Doctors is providing free medical care to pets of all sorts, be it dogs, rats or cats, that are out there supporting their humans.

Whenever a large group of people gets together, the spread of disease can be much more rapid and this fact remains true in the animal kingdom. By sharing the same space without proper sanitation, animal diseases like feline distemper or worms can become a problem (not to mention pests like fleas and ticks). That is where  DAD) comes in – they are providing check ups, vaccinations and other treatment for the menagerie out on Wall Street.

Brooklyn vet and Doctor AD member Konstantine Barsky has told the media that he was behind the protests from day one, but that he realized that there was a need amongst the growing crowd for pet health care.

DAD has been supplying short-dated vaccines, dog blankets/sweaters/boots, pet food, flea medication and pet heart medication to these pets on Wall Street. Whether you agree with the Occupy movement or not, we're glad these animals are getting some proper care during the protest.

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