Treat Your Doggies to Healthy Pet Chew Toys


Treat Your Doggies to Healthy Dog Chew Toys


Dogs need toys for entertainment, exercise and dental health. Doggie-Diva Animal Boutique is the best place to find dog chew toys that are eco-friendly and designed especially for your doggie’s well-being. Here is where you will find rope toys, Frisbees, toys to tug on and indestructible chew toys. The Doggie-Diva Dog Toy selection will give you what your puppy, adult or aging dog needs to stay active and fit. Here are a few toys that my friends enjoy with their dogs.

Rope Toys ($4.99)

The Nuts For Knots Cotton Rope Doggie Toy (($4.99) combines the two items that dogs love the most: a tug rope and ball rolled into one toy. The cotton rope feels good and is gentle on teeth. The ball shape is great for playing catch. Knots in the cotton rope give dogs a chance to tug and chew. My adult Labrador Retrievers enjoy grabbing a knot and shaking, tugging or growling while they play. An older pet will be able to play with this gentle cotton rope ball. The small 2” ball is great for puppies to bite while they are cutting teeth. The 3” ball has two knots and gives medium sized dogs ways to play tug and pull. My larger Labs enjoy the 4” rope ball that has 4 knots to play catch, gnaw on the sturdy material or tug with each other. “Alright, Bubba and Sissy, you can play tug in the kitchen, after you digest your food.” 

Dog Frisbees ($10.95-$11.50)

Sporting and hunting dogs are not the only ones that love to play Frisbee. The sport is good for all dog sizes and ages. Doggie-Diva Boutique has a variety of dog frisbees. So, I chose the Zisc Eco Friendly Dog Toy ($10.95) Frisbee for my Poodle puppy. He loves to play with this pliable 5-inch Zisc because he can pick it up with his small teeth and bring it to me. We chose orange because it is easy to see in our grassy courtyard. The innovative Zogoflex material is lighter than the harder material commonly found in Frisbees. It also comes in lime green and sky blue. The larger 6-inch Zisc is great for medium to large dogs. Doggie-Diva offers a one-time only replacement if your Zisc is damaged. “Okay, Pugsy, let’s go play catch on this beautiful Spring day!”

Plush Dog Toys ($5.00-$15.00)

Puppies need something to play with and chew on while they are losing their baby teeth. The Bones Dog Toy ($5.00) is perfect to start with for young pups. The sizes are 7” to 14” with soft material and a poly fill stuffing that has a durable squeaker to entice your puppy to play. When my poodle, Pugsy, was eight weeks old, he started the chewing and nipping stage. The Bones Dog Toy was a lifesaver. I purchased more than one. who could resist with so many colors? Pugsy started with the 5” bone and now at 20 puppy pounds, he has the larger 7”” bone. We will soon graduate to the 10” bone when he is full size. This plush toy bone is the one I take with us when we travel. It fits just right in his pet carrier and keeps him occupied on our trips. “Ready, Pugsy? Let’s take a ride to bark in the park.”

Antlers are the Best Chew Treat in Town 

While the name of this treat may make you visualize a dog with an antler headband, this is not the case. Antlers Dog Chews (from $9.95) are a healthy, all natural, stain free and long-lasting elk antler chew for your dog. The sizes range from small to jumbo. Doggie-Diva Dog Store assures us that the antlers are not treated with chemicals or dyes. They are better for your dog than deer antlers or chew bones that can split, break and cause harm when swallowed. The Labs, Bubba and Sissy, love their elk antlers. The antlers are their evening treat after dinner. It is sometimes hard to get them to part with their favorite chew, when it is time for them to sleep. The elk antlers are harvested fresh from the woods, so the larger sizes may need to be special ordered. The antlers arrive with different shapes and the sizes are approximate to the advertised dimensions. Watch the video to understand what great health benefits and pure pleasure your dog will get from this valuable treat. We even used the small sized antlers when Bubba and Sissy were in their chewing stage. When Sissy started chewing up the laundry room, it was definitely time to buy her antler. 

Treat your fur babies, get some exercise and train your buddy with these terrific eco-friendly dog toys from Doggie-Diva Pet Boutique!

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