Traveling to The Vet With Your Dog

Traveling to The Vet With Your Dog

We love our furry friends, and not only do we want them to look good in their new sweaters and collars, but they need to feel good too! Our pet's health is valuable and important, and it is what keeps them living happily and without complications. Not only is it important to keep our pets safe and without medical conditions, but it is financially smart as well. Medications and surgeries can be very expensive. By taking your pet to a trusted veterinarian annually, you can decrease the chance of your pet developing a health condition or requiring medication.

When you visit a veterinarian for a health check-up, they will assess your pet in many ways. Weight checks, assessment of the GI system, and dental care can increase the chance that a potential issue will be spotted early on, decreasing risk of your pet going on for months/years with a health issue that could have been easily resolved. A series of shots and vaccines can be provided to your pet to prevent disease, as well as flea/tick troubles. Not only will your pet be up to date on shots and vaccines, but your veterinarian is a medical professional for animals and will notice things that we cannot. This could literally be a life saver for your pet! If you are a brand new pet owner, it is important to find a veterinarian you can trust and rely on.  

Researching offices in the area is helpful, as you can usually read reviews by past and current clients, as well as browse their website for facts on technicians and doctors. A visit to the office is also a great way to choose which veterinarian is right for you. Your pet will be spending some time here, and just like people, they want to be comfortable and feel welcomed. Cleanliness is important as well, as you want your pet to visit the office safely and without risk of infection or injury. When making an appointment, always provide truthful information and if your pet is having a health issue, never leave out a detail! Provide your Veterinarian clinic details and information that will assist in making the best medical decision possible, so your pet gets the right medication or treatment.

When bringing your pet to the clinic, always leash them or use a pet carrier, like some of our designer dog carriers, as there may be other pets waiting inside. Although many pets are social and harmless, not all are as friendly or wanting to be in close quarters with others. Using a leash or carrier can keep your pet safe and allow them to feel close to you. Bringing a toy or treats can also be very helpful, as they feel more comfortable with something familiar to them or something that will be distracting from the environment.

Most importantly, commit to your pet's health. Keep up with appointments made and if a problem arises and you believe your pet needs professional attention, do not hesitate! We need to take care of our bodies and minds, and we must do the same for our pets! 

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