Top 3 Celebrities With Dog Carriers and How to Get One

Pooch Carriers from Big Stars
More and more celebrities have been spotted with fashionable dog carriers that look and feel like designer handbags. Three top celebrities had a hand in creating this trend of carrying a small doggie with finesse, but don't think stylish dog carriers are only for the stars. You can pick up your own high quality and gorgeous purse for a reasonable price, such as the brown nylon Kwigy Bo Carrier, Alexa brand.
  1. Paris Hilton:While some may question her rise to stardom, she essentially rejuvenated the puppy purse trend single handedly and brought it to a never before seen fervor. The trend truly began in 2005 when Hilton first began carrying her teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell around and it appears to have remained strong.
  2. Jessica Simpson; Perhaps not as well known as Hilton for carrying pooches in purses, Simpson has been seen in multiple photos carrying her favorite canines around in multiple designer bags. Even when she is not dressed her most glamorous, her four-legged friends still rides in style. Younger sister Ashlee has also been known to use a Gucci dog carrier.
  3. Vanessa Minnillo;When taking her canine through the airport, Minnillo provides the finest accommodations with a designer puppy purse from Gucci. The former Miss Teen USA and TV personality knows how to treat a pooch right.
Honorable Mention – Fergie: This member of the Black Eyed Peas came out with her own line of dog purses, but the color schemes scream more of a punk or teenage look instead of the elegant style other celebrities carry.
While the stars tote their puppies in $2,000 designer dog carriers, you don't need to break the bank to make a similar fashion statement. The Kwigy Bo, specifically the Alexa Carrier, costs much less and provides a style on par with the designer bags from Gucci or Louis Vuitton without being a knock-off.
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