Tips for Throwing an Excellent Pooch Birthday Party


Your Great Pet Birthday Party - Tips for Throwing

Don't let your pet's birthday go another year unnoticed -- throw a wonderful pets birthday party and invite all the animal lovers you know with a little help from our Boutique Online, Doggie Diva. Follow these tips and your furry and not so furry friends and any guests you invite are sure to enjoy the festivities.

Pooch Party Tips

  1. Find a few activities that will be fun for the pets that come to your canine party. If the weather is warm, small kiddie pools filled with water in your backyard can provide plenty of entertainment, especially with a toy like the Get Wet Duck Doggie Pool Toy. Just be sure the pooches have ample room to run and play, otherwise you risk the pups knocking over your special occasion plates or getting snippy with each other.
  2. Take a trip to a nearby park during the party so the canines can run amok while you and your guests enjoy the sunshine. To ensure your pets don't wander too far off, you should keep them in an enclosed area or in a harness with a long leash. Most parks have a rule requiring pups be on a leash, so this will help you make the most of it. The Rite-Fit Puppia Soft Dog Harness combined with the one of the retractable leashes available at Doggie Diva Pooch Online Boutique are a great example of a harness/leash combo.
  3. Surprise your human and canine guests with goodie bags. Elk antlers for dogs will be an instant favorite for both as the treat is both healthy and tasty for pets. For the people though, stick with small chocolates, paw-shaped cookies and other tasty human treats.
  4. Focus on everyone having fun, not the minute details of your party plans. Your friends and your dog will appreciate it. By providing a few tug toys such as Silly Pulls Dog Toys for your doggies and a few glasses of wine for your friends, the rest of the details shouldn't be too big a deal.
  5. As a special treat, dress up your canine up for the pup birthday party with a It's My Birthday Doggie Shirt!
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