Tiny Doggie in a Teacup Dog Purse


On our last trip to the dog store, I met the cutest, tiniest, most adorable doggie that rode with his mom in a Teacup Purse. Teacup? I wondered what that meant. Mom took me to the dog store when I was a little thing, and I rode around in the shopping cart like I was queen of the pack! That was a long time ago, and now I am much too big to ride around in anything smaller than our VW Bug! 

When the lady took the purse style dog carrier off her shoulder and set it on the floor, I peeked inside to sniff and nose bump the little fuzzy creature I saw. He said he is a miniature Yorkie, and his name is Sam. He told me all about his travels with his pet-parents, so I listened intently while he explained how he goes in comfort wherever his parents go. That day he was in a Jaraden Mon Ami Le Petite Pet Carrier ($159.50 ON SALE) from the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. The Silver and Grey Metallic quilted material was very impressive, with gold hardware trim. On the inside he had a nice 1.5-inch padded bed to rest on, with a stretchy safety harness to keep him secure. He said that the silver Jaraden bag goes with them shopping, on airline trips and anywhere they are outdoors. His mom also has a Jaraden Mon Ami Le Petit Dog Carrier in Gold Metallic ($159.50 ON SALE) that has a pretty pink lining. His mom takes him to cocktail parties, the symphony and sometimes church in the gold tiny dog carrier. She loves the pockets that hold her necessities plus his treats and water bottle. He also said his blanket was in a larger back pocket along with mom’s iPad. When I asked how he could breathe and see out, he showed me the roll-up side panels and the top panel that mostly stays open. But when he naps, he really likes to hunker down on his bed and have just the side flaps rolled up so he can keep one eye open on what’s happening outside.

My mom and the Yorkie pet-mom talked for a while about Sam’s great teacup dog carriers. She told my mom that there was another teacup dog carrier that her husband uses, the Petote Metro Dog Bag in Cobalt. ($129.95) The Petite size fits Sam quite well, and the smooth designer material with trim fits her husband’s style. Sam said he likes to travel in the Petote Metro purse style dog carrier also because he knows he will get to attend meetings and business luncheons with his pet-dad.

I must say I was really impressed with Sam’s mode of transportation! Sam weighs only 6 pounds, so he is a very portable doggie. Now I know to look out for tiny dog carriers when I am out with my mom or dad! Who knows! What looks like a fancy designer handbag may simply be a teacup doggie purse hiding a precious furry friend for me to meet. Now I know how to look for a “teacup” doggie.

Sincerely, Sissy 

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  • Margaret Mobly
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