Three Doggies in a Row of Kwigy-Bo Pet Carriers


Kwigy-Bo Carriers

When my pet-mom took me to Oktober Fest celebration last Saturday, we had the most fun watching the Weiner Canine Race. When we arrived, there were Dachshunds galore, but three of them parked on a bench together in Kwigy-Bo pet carriers got our immediate attention. Here is what we learned about those adorable doggies in the race.

Oscar flies in a black Alex Dog Carrier

One doggie, named Oscar told us he was too old to race, but he was there to advise the younger pups. He rode in the Kwigy-Bo Alex pup carrier in black. ($159.95 ON SALE) The quilted nylon material looked so comfy inside and out that; we understood why Oscar liked to observe all the activities from his perch in the soft dog carrier. He also told us that he was visiting from California. His pet-mom, Michelle, brought him in an airplane where he rode under the seat in front of her. He said he enjoyed the flight because he could see out of the mesh side and top windows, when his mom rolled up the privacy flaps. Oscar excused himself when Michelle picked him up to let him give advice to the next doggie that was beside him on the bench. 

Susie is pretty in the pink Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier

The next pup was sticking her head out of a pink dog carrier. ($149.95 ON SALE) She was yapping, to tell us she was ready to race, so get her out of her pet carrier NOW! Her pet-mom picked her up and held her while she reached in one of the bag’s pockets to get a snack, a bottle of water and a bowl. This young Dachshund was named Susie, and it was her first race. The mom explained that Susie had practiced a little the week before, but she had enough energy to beat any of those old pro Dachshunds in the race. Susie’s mom got a little towel out of another one of the pockets, rubbed Susie down vigorously and carried her over to the starting line.

Poker Travels Often in Kwigy-Bo Camo Dog Carrier

The last dog sitting on the bench finally poked his head out of the side window as if he was bored with the entire scene. His pet-dad introduced us to Poker. This was Poker’s 4th race, and he was trying out for 1st place. He won 2nd place last year and 3rd the year before. His Green Camo bag ($119.95 ON SALE) was so cool. It, too, was made of quilted nylon and the green camouflage print was very sporty. His dad told us they travel everywhere together because the Kwigy-Bo pet carrier is so easy to pack and go. They have been on small airplane flights to hunt in the mountains. They have been to the beach, baseball games and even a few parties where there were other doggies. Poker let his dad place him on the ground, where Poker stretched, yawned and flopped his big ears to let us know he was awake and ready to run! 

Well, we stood by and watched the Weiner Race from start to finish! Oscar wagged his tail, barked and cheered for little Susie. It turns out Oscar was a great coach because Susie took 1st place! Poor ole Poker finished 2nd once again. We all had a good laugh at how the young, inexperienced Susie managed to beat all of the seasoned Dachshund racers. We agreed that enthusiasm and energy had everything to do with Susie’s success. She said she won because her mom always makes sure she is cozy, has lots of treats and gets to travel in her pink Kwigy-Bo Alex Pooch Carrier wherever her mom goes.

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Dachshund picture courtesy of Bing Search Miniature Dachshund
White Lab, Sissy, photo courtesy of Shiloh's Story

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