Is your Dog Right and Ready for a Dog Stroller?

Is your Dog Right and Ready for a Dog Stroller?

Is Your Doggie Right for a  Stroller?

One of the best ways to cart your favorite canine around is using a  stroller for pups, and most dogs will take to the convenient and cute devices. We have a number of dog strollers and joggers available in our dog boutique online, so you can pick one that matches you and your canine's habits. But how can you be sure that your pup will take to the stroller?

Look for a few key factors to see if a pet stroller is right for your pup.
  • Most doggie strollers are meant for small dogs, but you can find a few for slightly larger pets. Many of our stroller  lines support dogsters up to 25 pounds, but we also have XL pet strollers such as the Excursion NO-ZIP Pet Stroller for Large Dogs that holds up to 100 pounds of pet. If your poochie weighs more than that, this mode of transport is not the solution for you because these strollers just won't hold up.
  • Does your pup dislike his normal carrier? If you have a boxy crate that your canine hates, you may want to try having him warm up to it before spending your cash on a doggie stroller. Add some cushioning and associate the area with good behavior, not just bad experiences like punishment and going to the veterinarian's office. If your dog can get comfortable in that space, he will do fine in a stroller.

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