Service Dogs Have Many Roles, Have You Thought About the Position for Your Dog?

Service Dogs Have Many Roles, Have You Thought About the Position for Your Dog?

Service dogs are amazing aren't they? Have You Thought About the Position for Your Dog?

Service dogs always evoke a smile when we see one in a restaurant, walking in town, or boarding public transportation. The individual who needs the service dog has a serious health issue that requires assistance in order to function in the real world. To better understand the value of these specially trained dogs, we rounded up information for you.

How did service dogs get started?
In World War I, guide dogs were introduced to assist soldiers who lost their vision. Since then, the role of Service dogs has grown to include medical and hearing alerts along with mobility and psychological assistance. Working dogs are rigorously trained for military, law enforcement, search and rescue careers. Therapy dogs are certified with their owners to interact with other people as comforters, encouragers and even entertainers.

List of jobs service dogs do...

What are the service dog rules?
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) 2011 revision requires that service dogs be permitted in any location that serves the public.

The definition of a service dog states that the dog provides an explicit service to an individual with physical or psychological impairment.
The dog must be harnessed, leashed or tethered and under control of the individual whom the dog accompanies. A service dog owner should carry the certification identification for the dog with them.
A business may only ask two questions when a service dog enters a location open to the public.
1. Is the dog required to assist the person because of a disability?

2. What work or task is the dog trained to perform for assistance?

A business may NOT ASK about the specific person’s disability or for details regarding the dog’s assistance.
A service dog may be removed from a business if the dog becomes out of control or is not “house-broken.”
American Disabilities Act, Department of Justice update 2011

What are the differences in service dogs?

Working Dogs
Military, law enforcement, search and rescue dogs are employed by the respective agency that needs their services. Working dogs are bred, raised and trained for the jobs they perform. German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Bloodhounds and Rottweilers are the most common breeds for badge services. Many are available for adoption when they retire. The stories of brave service dogs are plentiful, so we have included a link to read about these amazing creatures.

Service Dogs
Trained for specific assistance to the disabled, the service or guide dogs provide support for blindness, hearing impairment, seizures, diabetic shock, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mobility issues and many medical condition symptoms. Service dogs require training and certification in the particular skills to assist the disability condition. Golden and Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds as well as Terriers, Poodles or mixed breed dogs are among those eligible for assistance training. A qualified physician should document the disability. We have included a link about the training and acquisition for service dogs.

Guide Dogs of America

Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs play an important role in bringing joy and comfort to many situations. Libraries and schools have therapy “reader” dogs that attend sessions to hear a student read to them. The attentiveness and comfort a dog provides to a child struggling with reading has proven to increase a child’s reading levels and confidence. Any breed or mix qualifies for therapy dog training. The dog’s owner must be trained and certified along with the dog, by the participating organization. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a qualifying therapy dog program for certification. Therapy dogs do NOT qualify under the ADA . It is very unethical to identify a therapy dog as a service dog for the purposes of entering public places that prohibit pets.

AKC Therapy Dog Program

We think you will agree that all of our dogs are special to us, and they deserve more credit than we give them for their support of our daily routines. If you consider all the jobs a dog can perform, it is no wonder that we continue to appreciate their big hearts, empathetic eyes and unconditional loyalty. When a dog is trained to work, assist or comfort people, it helps us understand why dog spelled backwards is God. Service dogs have a very special purpose in our very complicated world! would like to thank all the service dogs of the world! We have a special offer for all service dogs... 15% off all products for service dogs only - please email us today for the special service dog code (proof must be presented to receive coupon).

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