Say Cheese! Five Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Pup

Say Cheese! Five Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Pup

Let's face it- dogs are adorable. Whether you're taking photos of your cute pooch for pleasure or for posting on social media, you want to make sure they're putting their best foot- we mean paw- forward. Use these five tips to get the best photos of your pup every time.

1. Bribe them with treats.

Dogs are very food motivated, so use that to your advantage to get them to sit, stay, roll over, or do other fun tricks. Have a slew of different treats available so they don't get bored during the photo shoot. Start small, with a few crunchy treats, and work your way up to the good stuff, like some dog-friendly spray cheese or baby food. Bonus if you can capture a cute photo of them drooling!

2. Accessorize them.

Accessories make the outfit for humans, so why wouldn't the same hold true for little Fido? There are a huge variety of accessory options available for dogs, from silly dog sunglasses to a sweet dog pearl necklace. Have fun with it and have a bunch of different accessories on hand so you can change it up if your dog isn't particularly digging it. Not every dog will allow you to dress them up, so keep it simple with things that slide on and off easily.

3. Keep the area free of distractions.

If you want your dog to pay attention to the photoshoot, you'll want to make sure there is nothing around to distract them. Keep their favorite ball out of sight so they don't try to run after it. If you're shooting outside, try to pick an area free of people or other pets that may discourage them from sitting still.

4. Make it quick.

Dogs have a short attention span, so any photoshoot that you do have should be as quick and painless as possible. Have all of your treats and accessories ready ahead of time, as well as the area prepped where you'll be shooting. Keep your photo shoot to under a half-hour to ensure they won't get bored.

5. Use a great camera.

The type of camera you use is very important for capturing great photos. A camera that is good at taking pictures in motion is ideal for busy dogs. Ones that comes with different lenses, timers, and even a tripod are also useful

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