Rhinestone Dog Collars to Show Off Your Big Dog’s Status

Rhinestone Dog Collars to Show Off Your Big Dog’s Status

Rhinestone Dog Collars for Big Doggies Make a Huge Statement…

You know how proud you are when you strut out the door with your big tail-wagger to greet the world with style and attitude! Add even more ultimate fashion to your sporting, working and large breeds and mixes with our original rhinestone name Kinley collars made for you right here at Doggie Diva! Here is how to make this happen!

What is your barky buddy’s personality?

First, plan what you want the rhinestone letters to say. Is it your beloved fur buddy’s name? Our company dog representative names are Rain, Kya, Shiloh and Sophie. Or is it a nickname, like Bubba or Sissy or Pookie or some other favorite word that they answer to? Maybe your woofer’s attitude deserves a collar lighted in rhinestones, such as Prince, Drama Queen, Miss Priss or Stud Muffin! Whatever your pup’s…er…big four-pawed pal represents to you is what you can choose for their collar.

Which collar works for the Rhinestones?
The ¾ to 1 inch wide collars that we sell to hold the letters and charms are made with faux leather that is stitched with precision for sturdiness. The Snakeskin finish collars ($12.50) in red, black, gray and hot pink are in two sizes. Large will fit furry necks between 14 and 18 inches, while Extra Large will fit 18 to 22 inches. The same sized croc finish collars ($12.50) are in pink, white, purple, black and red. The metallic finish collar ($12.50) has a separate raised letter strap to isolate the letters and charm slides on the 1 inch wide collar. The choice of metallic colors is perfect to fit your prized canine’s neckwear wardrobe as well as accentuate his or her fur color: medium pink, purple, silver, red, gold, green and royal blue. Can’t you just see your regal Shepherd mix in this purple metallic faux leather collar prancing into the world of royalty?

How we customize your personal name collar

When you complete the drop down checklists for color, size, number of letters and charms and type of charms, your total price will be reflected on the order page. We put together your maximum 12 letter name and charms to make your one of a kind pet collar for your medium to large (14 to 22 inch neck) doggie! The charms are different shapes and colors, so choose which ones in what color you want to add. It brings so much more bling when you place a charm at each end of the clear rhinestone letters. We also recommend that you put a charm between two words or names if applicable to separate the two words. Once we put your unique collar together, we ship it to you for your beautiful and handsome fuzzy four-legged BFFs to wear. We know you will want to show off these fantastic collars to broadcast how much you treasure your big fuzzy sweetpea!

Oh yes, the snakeskin and croc finish collars also have matching leashes ($10.00) in each color! Choose between the ¾ inch wide or ½ inch wide leash, both of which are 4 feet long. You can always email or call us with advice and answers to your questions when deciding which combinations will fit your big fur baby!
Just think, for all the holiday parties that are coming up, weddings you both are invited to and election celebrations you two will want to attend…be the center of attention with your big fur date all decked out in his or her finest bejeweled collar! After all, you will be wearing your own fancy jewels and silk ties, won’t you?

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