Plush Pet Toys for Small or Large Dogs to Help Dog Separation Anxiety

Plush Pet Toys for Small or Large Dogs to Help Dog Separation Anxiety

Best Doggie ToysTo  Help Lessen Your Pooch’s Separation Anxiety

Knowing your pooch misses you during the day seems sweet, but not when you come home to find your pillows destroyed or a hole under the fence. Separation anxiety is a somewhat common and unexplained phenomenon with all types of pets, and something simple like big or small dog toys can help but you will also need to do a little training.

These are the main symptoms of poochie separation anxiety:
  • Your pup begins his destructive behavior immediately after you leave, no matter how long you are gone. If she only starts chewing and digging when you are gone for a long time, she is probably just bored.
  • She greets you in a very wild and excited way every single time you come back in, even after short periods of time.
  • She follows you from room-to-room when you are home. As you prepare to leave, she gets distressed and anxious.
Punishing your puppy for her destructive behavior is not going to help the situation – it will only make her more anxious. Soothing her with her favorite plush pet toys or treats is also just a band-aid. Severe cases of canine separation anxiety where your pet is unusually destructive or hurts herself when you are gone should be discussed with your veterinarian.
However, there are a three main ways to decrease anxiety in most Fido while you are at work or on vacation:
  1. Don’t make a big deal about leaving. Treat it like any other daily event.
  2. During your morning routine, one of your actions is likely the beginning of your four legged friend becoming anxious, whether it’s brushing your teeth or getting your keys. Once you see what action is the catalyst, desensitize your furry friend to the activity by doing it over and over again without leaving. Then move on to the next activity that stresses your pooch out.
  3. If your canine doesn'thave anything else to occupy her time, the destructive behavior can begin. Stuff a hollow toy with peanut butter, hide tough plush dog toys with a few treats or pick up elk antler chews.

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