Pit bulls and Why We Love Them

Pit bulls and Why We Love Them
Loving Pit Bulls
Saturday was the fifth annual Awareness National Day for Pitbulls so we here at Doggie Diva  wanted to look at one of the canine kingdom's less appreciated residents. 

When most people think pit bull, they think the adorable American pitbull terrier, which is a mix between terriers and a breed of bulldogs. Historically, they have been used as catch canines, for hunting and for driving livestock. Today, they are most often found in people's homes and are even sometimes used as police or companion poochs. The other popular breed of pit bulls is the American Staffordshire terrier. 

These sweet pups have gained a negative reputation, as they are unfortunately popular in illegal doggie fighting rings and as guard poochs due to their strength and athleticism. But much like anyvpet, it all depends on how you train and raise them. If put in a loving and disciplined home, pit bulls are often naturally sweet pets, even with the terrier tendency toward doggie aggression. 

I've always found it a little sad that pit bulls have such a bad rap. Pit bull terriers have such a sweet face and a faithful disposition – it isn't the pup's fault if its owner wants to train it to be vicious. This is one of the reasons Aware of PitBull  Day was started – to inform people of the plight many pit bulls face from their owners. 

If you already own a pit bull terrier, take a look at our store Doggie Diva for products that will make your pup wish Pit Bull Day came more than once a year.

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