Pawz Boots Keep Your Pet Walking in Winter Says Dog Whisperer Millan

Pawz Boots Keep Your Pet Walking in Winter Says Dog Whisperer Millan

Every winter, your canine has to walk across cold concrete, frosty grass and perhaps even snow, and while you have on your wool socks and boots, your pet is all paw. Dont let your dogster's toes freeze! Thats why I love the pet shoes we carry -- the Pawz Doggie Boots can fit almost any cat or dog and protect their feet from taking too much damage throughout the season. 

We aren't the only ones who have noticed how handy (or pawy) these waterproof dog boots are. Just this week, Canine Whisperer Cesar Millan was touting Pawz boots on NBCs The Today Show during a segment dedicated to winter-proofing pets. 

(Pawz) boots are absolutely fantastic, these are the ones I use, very practical, Millan said on the show. 

Good to know he protects his dogs feet, too! And doesnt mind a little color on his pups: Pawz Pet Boots come in a bunch of cute, neon colors. Vivid tones are quite in fashion for humans, too, now, so this is the perfect fashion season for it! 

After treading through winter weather a few times, the  shoes may start to get worn out, but these come 12 to a pack so your pooch can make it through to spring without having to tear up the bottoms of his paws. These are also useful if your city ices the roads during especially cold conditions, as that salt is not pleasant on bare feet. Pawz Boots aren't just for small doggies either -- they come in sizes that can find a fit for nearly any breed, from a teacup poodle to a Saint Bernard.

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