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New Puppy Crate Training is a Good Thing

New Puppy Crate Training is a Good Thing

Why crate training a dog is a great way for them to learn self-discipline…

When you introduce a new four-pawed family member to your home, the biggest challenge will be getting him or her to fit into your environment by using crate training. It really does not matter whether the new furry occupant of your home is a puppy, adult or mature purchase or rescue, crate training a dog will give them a sense of belonging.

Types of crates and kennels

There are two types of crates or kennels that are popular and can be found in any of the pet supply stores. Which one you choose depends upon where you plan to place your pup’s new abode. The wire crates are collapsible, which makes them easy to move from room to room, or even to pack in your car for travel. The fixed side kennels are not as easy to move, yet they are very sturdy and feel more like a “dog house” to your pet.

Wire Crate Advantages
  • You can get them from small to large in stages as your pet grows
  • You can move them from room to room so your pup in training can rest near you   
  • When you take your dog to another location for visits, a crate is easy to fold up, pack up and set up
  • They can be clunky to handle
  • They need to be lined on the bottom for coziness
  • Closing off one side and or the top is best with a blanket to give your pup privacy
Fixed kennel advantages:
  • They are enclosed all the way around except for the wire door and window opening on each side
  • They are very sturdy and can be handily set up in a laundry room or fixed place that you identify as your dog’s spot
  • Not easy to move or transport
  • Definitely need to be upgraded as the pet grows, unless a full sized one is used with a movable divider

How to teach your new dog to appreciate the crate

Crate training is a smart way to house break a puppy.  When you place your fur baby in their crate do so over a period of time you can set aside as training. Here is how to create the crate habit.
1.    Leave them in the crate for short periods of time, then open it and let them out to socialize then take them outside to use the bathroom. Increase each time period as you train your pooch to the crate, so they will get used to the idea that it is their personal space.
2.    Some say you can feed your pup in the crate to help them associate their food with the comfort of their resting spot, then they will lay down for a nap. Wake them up and immediately take them outside for a bathroom trip.
3.    When the time increases as your little four-pawed sweetie’s bladder habits are less frequent, you will feel assured when you leave them in the crate overnight or when you have to leave for awhile.
4.    Be sure to line the crate with a cozy blanket or crate liner plus one of your tee shirts or a small blanket that has your scent on it. This will further get your new pet feeling secure that the crate is their sanctuary.
5.    Covering the top and/or one side of the crate will add another layer of security to your dog’s need to feel like they are not totally exposed.

Why crate training is natural for canine behavior

Dogs, as descendants of wolves, are pack animals and naturally retreat to a den atmosphere to protect themselves. Our domesticated fur partners have these instincts and their training needs to include their time to socialize with their “pack” that is you and your family. However, when they feel the need to retreat and rest, having their own “den” is an equally strong instinct. The most important part of training your canine to a crate or kennel is to make the space a positive, cozy environment. Never use their retreat as a place for punishment, because they will resist going to their crate for any other reason. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised when your pup or adult naturally goes to their crate to take a nap, rest, or simply be near you and observe their surroundings. The kitchen, a corner of the living area, or your bedroom are ideal places for your trained pet to have their own place to escape, while still being able to hear and see you. As your pet matures, you may even want to eliminate the crate and assign the same spot as theirs with a nice dog bed. As long as you have trained them to go to their own place, they will naturally gravitate to their new bedding.

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