Male Dog Lovers and Jaraden Cambridge


Jaraden Cambridge Carriers Brown CanvasDog Lovers Who Are Males and Cambridge Carriers

When you think of Jaraden Cambridge doggie carriers, you likely picture someone like Paris Hilton toting her pint-sized pup in a designer canine carrier. But men don’t have to feel left out -- the Jaraden Cambridge line are some of the most manly dogster bags we could find. No frills or fluff to make him feel feminine.

The Cambridge purse by Jaraden come with enough room for a small pup, along with a pocket for your laptop and additional storage for doggie treats and toys. These man bags make taking Fido anywhere much easier (even to the vet’s office!).

Pet carriers for men can be hard to come by, but the no-nonsense design of the Jaraden makes it one of the top dogster bags to buy this year.

These Jaraden carriers come in grey, black, caramel and brown canvas ($179.95 each), so you have your choice when it comes to both the color and feel of your man purses. There are also auxiliary components you can add to your order that will make these pets carriers for men even more handy.
  • A cooling pad ($18.95) can be added to the order to keep your doggie cozy and prevent overheating during travel.
  • The seat belt loop ($16.95) makes travelling in the car even simpler with your pooch, as you can simply strap any of these carriers into the car or truck and not have to worry about it sliding around while you drive.
Male dogsters lovers shouldn’t have to worry about their masculinity when travelling with their pooch, and these manly carriers are just the bag to easily travel in style and comfort. The Jaraden bags are also built to last and stay in style, so you don’t have to worry about finding another carrier for a long time.

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