Keep Your Dog Safe While Halloween's Spooktacular Events

Keep Your Dog Safe While Halloween's Spooktacular Events
Keep Your Dog Safe During Spectacular Halloween Events
While kids and adults alike are getting dressed up for trick or treating, the Halloween festivities and the level of unpredictability that comes with it makes this a stressful holiday for your dogs. Strangers knock on your door all night with unfamiliar scents and odd dress – no wonder your dog is worried! At Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Online, we love it when our dogs can enjoy the holidays.
Take the time to make sure your dog feels safe and secure and both of you will have a much better night.

Three Tips for Having a Happy Dog After Halloween

  • Place your dogster in a room in your home that does not have access to the front door if you are going to be giving candy to trick or treaters. This will drastically reduce the amount of stress your dog will go through. If he is OK with strangers, it may be OK if he greets people at the door, but still don't let him get too close as he may scare some children.
  • If you dress up your doggie for Halloween, make sure his  costume is not too tight and does not prohibit movement. Dogs look adorable when dressed up for any holiday, but he should still be comfy (since he can't get any of the candy as a consolation).
  • To go trick or treating with a canine, consider using a harness instead of a regular leash and collar. Your pooch is likely to get excited by all the activity and a harness is generally more secure than a collar is. Even so, you should either get your dog micro chipped or have an ID tag in case he does manage to get away.
  • If your pooch just can't take it, your veterinarian can provide you with a sedative that will let your him sleep through the whole ordeal.
Have fun this Halloween with your pup!

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