How To Wash a Stubborn Dog

Some dogs love to have a bath while others hate it. Some are in the middle and take a bath with some extra effort on your side. If you have been putting off washing your canine because it never goes well, this post might be of some help to you. Here are three tips for washing a stubborn doggie:
  • Use food during the process: What eludes a pooch more than pet food? Food has proven a great means to train any animal. Food can help it take a bath as well. It is highly recommended that you use your canine’s favorite food or treat. They might drop a bit here and there in the tub, but if you cannot get it to take a bath, this might be the best option for you.
  • Toys: It works for both young and adult poochs if you know just what to use. You might have a toy that your canine loves a lot. This can help your doggie get to the tub and then get a bath. Younger dogs usually have a security blanket, which they love a lot while for an older one, you can just use a chew bone like antler dog chews.
  • Get in with them: It is most unlikely that your four-legged friend will resist bathing when you change into your swimsuit and jump in! It helps your furry pal to calm if she is that afraid of swimming. If you are not getting that much ‘fun time’ with your doggie, this can be a great opportunity to get your pet cleaned up while spending some quality time with them.

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