How To Travel With Your Pet

How To Travel With Your Pet

Transporting your pet can be incredibly stressful and downright frustrating! Our furry friends can experience a number of emotions when being transported, whether they are going to and from the veterinarian’s office, to visit family, or you simply cannot leave them home alone. So, they must accompany you on your travels! Riding in a car can be anxiety producing for a dog, as well as traveling to new and unfamiliar places. We can be the same way, so we cannot really blame them! There are ways to soothe your pets little body of nerves and put their mind at ease. After all, we need to go where we need to go, but we still want our best friend to be happy!

Before transporting your pet, it is essential that you pay mind to your dog’s normal routine and what makes them happy. Whether that means taking them for a long walk, playing their favorite game of fetch or tug-of-war, or snuggles on the couch. Keeping your dog’s routine as normalized as possible during a day or travel/transport will help ease nerves. If they normally go for a walk around lunch time or prior to your evening show, keep them on pace for the day as best you can. Always leash/harness your pet if that is part of your routine and especially if walking around a community/neighborhood to avoid unwanted stressors.

If your dog is prescribed medication for nerves or anxiety per your veterinarian, it is important to stay close to this prescription, especially on and around the days prior to travel. Medication time and dosage can be extremely sensitive, so it is important to follow directions on the label and to contact your vet if your furry friend experiences any issues.

Like most of us as children, your pet may have an item that is comforting to them. As a child, I had a stuffed animal I would hold on to during doctor’s appointments and during the night to sleep better. Our pets experience the same relief and pleasure with their favorite item. If you are taking your dog on a long car ride or traveling to an event or appointment, bringing the pet’s favorite designer dog toy will bring a sense of familiarity and calmness to keep them content.

For safety during travel and especially when visiting the vet or a place that may have other pets around, a dog carrier may be a necessity. Your pet may feel a sense of security in a carrier, and it can provide “protection” from the outside world. Not to mention, most public places and offices require your pet to be on a leash or provided with a carrier to enter. When purchasing a carrier, choose one that is best fit for your pet in relation to the pet’s size and weight. You can contact a store associate or your veterinarian for more assistance on proper purchasing. It is also helpful to make the carrier more cozy and pleasant; such as placing a soft blanket or towel down and providing a safe toy to play with.

Travel is exciting, but it can be stressful! We not only need to recognize this in ourselves, but also with our furry friends. Taking the proper steps to make them comfortable will result in smooth travel and a decreased chance for issues along the way! Safe travel to all during this time!

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