How One Dog Stroller Jogger Helped a Dog Named Turbo

Turbo in Camo Dog StrollerHow a Canine Jogger Helped  
Pet strollers help unite active owners with their disabled pets in the outdoors and the 1st Class Doggie  Pet Zip Stroller Jogger from the  boutique online by Doggie Diva has managed to help out bring one woman and her pooch Turbo together outdoors.
Turbo is an adorable pup that has come across an unfortunate number of medical issues. The 14-year-old canine has gone through back surgery, Cushing's disease that is destroying his back leg muscles and heart disease, so his owner Sandy Wollangk has been forced to limit his physical activity. However, Turbo always loved the outdoors, even though now he can't go very far by himself.
The 1st Class Jogger from Pet Zip has allowed Turbo and Sandy to take their morning jogs together without worrying about Turbo's age or mobility. Now he gets to meet other people and pets while Sandy gets in her regular jog. “He just loves it and gets to greet everyone on the path!” Sandy said. Doggies may sometimes miss being social and taking in the fresh air if they are stuck indoors from sickness or age.
Small pets with medical issues or injuries are perfect candidates for strollers or joggers. Strollers for pets generally look and move like a regular baby stroller. Dog joggers are designed to move faster and have increased maneuverability which has been perfect for Sandy and Turbo.
Sandy has received a number of compliments for the look and quality of her pet stroller, and although she has seen other dog joggers in stores, the camouflage 1st Class Canine Jogger by Pet Zip is “just plain Turbo” (though Doggie Diva also offers the pet jogger in pink, blue or yellow).

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