Doggies in the News: Courageous Corgi Survives Avalanche

Doggies in the News:  Courageous Corgi Survives Avalanche

Dogs in the News: Avalanche Survived by Corgi

Sometimes you just come across those stories that tug at your heart strings, and this recent news story out of Montana did just that. Let me share a little hero doggie news. 

According to Billings news media, owners Dave and Kerry Gaillard had taken their Corgi Welsh dogster, Ole, cross-country skiing when an avalanche struck, killing Dave and injuring Kerry. No one was able to find the doggie until four days later, when he turned up at a hotel. 

One of the last places the canine was with his owners was at the hotel and he was discovered pawing at the door to their former room. Even though it was miles away from the avalanche site, Ole was apparently determined to find his way back and he was soon thereafter reunited with Kerry. Although she had lost her husband, she told the media that finding Ole lifted her spirits. 

Even amidst the tragedy, the story is sweet and inspiring. It reminds me of the movie "Homeward Bound." In that film, two dogs and a cat travel hundreds of miles to find their way back to their people. It shows that dogs (and even cats) are just so naturally dedicated and open to people -- you can tell they really consider their owners a part of the pack and one of the family.
That sense of mutual appreciation is one of the reasons Fidos are such popular pets. Your goldfish isn’t going to snuggle up to you or eat antler treats out of your hand, after all.

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  • Margaret Mobly
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