Dog Stroller and Jogger - Which is Best for Your Pet?

Dog Stroller and Jogger - Which is Best for Your Pet?

Canine Strollers vs Joggers - Which is Best for Your Pet?

Your puppy will look princely in a dog strollerbought just for him, but there are two types - regular dog strollers and jogging carriages with wheels. Each offers the same basic function but with different features. Choosing which is right for you will depend on how you plan to stroll with your favorite canine.

Stroller Perks

Dog strollers are primarily meant for slower-paced walks and come in a variety of shapes and colors. These are perfect for taking your favorite pooch to a local event. You will not have to worry about her running off.
A strollers such as Pet Zip's 3-in-1 also works as a carrier to keep your pet secure and comfortable when you take her to the veterinarian's office and as a car seat for a comfy ride. Pet Zip also offers a smaller Urban Vogue stroller that is sleek and functional. To provide your larger four-legged family member with a larger space, the Sports XL Dog Stroller may be the best for you.

Jogger Benefits

These are similar to doggie strollers but are designed for fast-paced movement so he or she can join you on your morning run. The wheels swivel to provide additional maneuverability and are made to cover all types of terrain.
These vehicles are also built sturdier and provide less resistance when you push so they can go faster with less effort. Taking one of these along with you to the park allows you to work your pup out, and then to carry him home after he is tired out - such as the Pet Zip First Class Dog Jogger.
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And calling us at 516-384-0977 will allow us to provide you with our exceptional customer service. We have personally tested most of the dog strollers as well as the. joggers and can advise you on which would work best for that special member of your family!

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