Dog Purse Carriers Make Pet Travel Easy


Bag Carriers for DoggiesMake Pet Travel Easy

Dear Small Dog Lovers, 

As a large dog, I am not able to travel quietly in a dog purse carrier. I have many friends, however, who can go with their pet parents almost anywhere they want. The luxury pet carriers ($59.95-$389.95) at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique look chic and glamorous, while my little pet friends ride undetected on the inside! 

Cally Flies in Style

Cally, the Calico Cat stays with her pet grand-mom, when her pet mom goes to trade shows. The trip to grand-mom’s city home requires a plane trip. The Petote Metro 2 Red Dog Carrier ($129.95) is perfect for curling up while they wait in the airport lounge. Boarding the plane is no big deal because the purse is one of the airline approved carriers. She especially likes take-off and landing, because she can peep out through the mesh windows on both sides. After they are airborne, she snuggles up on her faux fur pad. When it is time to take a taxi to grand-mom’s Cally gets a little treat from her mom. The outside pockets and large zip back pocket carry Cally’s treats and water, along with mom’s ID, tickets and cab fare. While Cally stays with her grand-mom, she sometimes goes in the Petote Red Dog Carrier to the corner café, while grand-mom has a cup of coffee. Nobody sees Cally, so she just gets to peep out and watch all those people in the city!

 FiGi Meets With Clients

FiGi, the Italian Greyhound, not only goes to work with his pet mom, he also goes with his pet dad to meet clients! He loves these adventures because he gets to sit in his Jaraden Shakara Purse Brown ($159.95). The outside has a jazzy zebra print that fits FiGi’s brown and tan coat just perfectly. The padded interior is cozy, and the side pockets carry all FiGi’s treats. There is a removable microfiber pillow for FiGi to snooze on while his dad talks on and on about buildings. The handle has metal chain and leather-like straps making it one of those dog carriers that looks like a purse made by a famous designer. When they are finished with the meeting, FiGi and his pet dad go to the snack stand at the park. FiGi’s dog purse handle becomes a leash. They sit on a bench and enjoy the afternoon breeze before they head home.

 Connie Goes Shopping

 Connie has a great looking Petote Roxie Dog Carrier Noir Dots ($159.95) she stays in while she and her mom go shopping! The black and white dots are a classic print, and the shape is unique for small dog totes. Connie’s mom loves the straps that have a perfect drop to carry on her shoulder. When she rolls up the side flaps, Connie can poke her little head out to look at all the goodies. One day a woman stopped them in the store to ask about the bag. Connie was hiding inside on her faux fur pad, so she kept quiet while they talked. Connie’s mom told the woman that the bag was not a designer bag from a couture shop. When the woman held the bag to look at it, Connie popped her head out to surprise her! The woman and her mom broke out in laughter and giggles. Connie wagged her tail and licked the woman’s hand. Connie’s mom thinks her little Bichon Frise is a good shopping partner because she never complains.

 I am a little sad that I cannot fit into one of these gorgeous dog purse carriers. But, I enjoy hearing all the stories from my small doggie friends about hiding out with their pet parents! 

Sincerely, Sissy

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  • Margaret Mobly
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