Designer Dog Stroller Back in Stock

Designer Dog Stroller Back in Stock
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If you haven't seen it, here it is. It's sleek, it's stylish, it's fancy and adorable all rolled into one awesome puppy stroller! The high end Monogram (aka "The Louie") is actually a sporty animal jogger. It sports a three wheel design instead of a four, which makes for better handling and maneuverability. Joggers are traditionally built better and stronger then traditional pet strollers and tend to last longer. PetZip actually manufacturers the luxury Monogram pets stroller and zip for pets does it very well. This dog jogger weighs in at just 21 pounds and folds down easily for storage. The "Louie", as well call it, comes in two great colors, cream or black and the pattern shows adorable bones, bowls and treats. It's SUPER DUPER ADORABLE!!! The best part? Doggie Diva is offering absolutely FREE SHIPPING on this unique item and also on all other discount dog strollers!

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  • Margaret Mobly
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  • Mike Harbin
    Mike Harbin

    I ordered a dog stroller last January, but it was cancelled due to sourcing. Your web site now shows the Pet Zip Jogging Stroller is now available. How do I order it.

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