Cutsy Pooch Collars and Harnesses Attract Paparazzi


Dog Collars and Harnesses Attract Paparazzi


On National Dog Day, many cities with ballparks had “Bark in the Park” night for baseball games. At our stadium, we saw more cute dog collars and harnesses than we could ever imagine. Here are the ones we saw getting the most photo ops.

Stylish Spaniel in Pink Dog Collar and Black Harness

We saw a cool King Charles Spaniel (Cavalier) sporting a pretty hot pink collar, with black trim. We asked about her attire and here is what we found out. The Cavalier, named Becky, has an entire wardrobe from the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. The Bow-Wow Couture Damask Hot Pink Collar ($16.95) is a favorite because her coat is black and white. The nice curved black buckle and ¾-inch width pink and black print really stood out on her coat. But wait…there was more! 

Becky also had the neatest Soft Dog Harness by Puppia ($19.95) in Black. Her dad held the matching black leash that was attached to the harness. He explained that Becky is a girly-girl and loves to dress up no matter where she goes. He especially likes to walk her in soft dog harnesses because they fit so well around her neck and shoulders, giving her support. The air-mesh material is cool over her fur. Becky’s harness is medium, but her dad said they are available in sizes XS to XL (4 lbs. to 35 lbs.) with an adjustable belt strap to keep the harness in place. As we walked away, there were people who begged Becky’s dad to let them pose with her for pictures. 

Rock Star Doberman in a Personalized Dog Collar

As we strolled back to our seats to watch the game, we had to stop and stare at the Large Doberman Pinscher named, Horse. He is a local celebrity, because he has been an extra in a few movies. Horse had on one of his large dog collars from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique personalized dog collars collection. (a$9.995-$12.95) The 1-inch wide collar in Red had a croc print faux leather finish. Horse’s name was on the collar in bright, colorful rhinestone letters! Wow! He was posing and prancing around like he was the top dog! I guess you could say that he enjoyed “blinging” around in his movie star collar while the rest of us admired his success. 

Right-Fit Dog Harness for a Growing Pup

Back at our seats, we were next to an adorable Yorkie that was so polite. She sat in her mom’s lap and watched intently every time the ball zoomed across the field. She had no collar, but her Puppia Right-Fit Dog Harness was around her little body. We commented on her perfect “sit” posture and her mom told us all about the harness. The Right-Fit Harness by Puppia ($22.95) is good for the little Yorkie’s neck and back because it is soft air-mesh material and the adjustable strap fits as the doggie grows. We were especially impressed by the purple color on the Yorkie’s Small harness. We took pictures of our doggies with the Yorkie before we left the game. 

Cute dog collars and harnesses that are well made and completely washable are just what we need for more trips to the stadium!

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  • Margaret Mobly
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