Create the Ultimate Gift Pack for New Puppy Parents!

Create the Ultimate Gift Pack for New Puppy Parents!

Know someone who just brought home a new puppy or is bringing one home? Buying a good gift pack can be a challenge, although you can do this easily. Present shopping for new puppies can be fun! Here is a five-item ultimate gift pack new puppy owners are sure to love.

1. Teething Toys

Very young puppies will be teething, which causes discomfort; to relieve this puppies will want to chew; this happens once again when a dog’s puppy teeth are lost and being replaced by adult teeth. We recommend teething toys because these toys are a great way to help a puppy with teething discomfort, as well as having something good to chew on rather than your shoe, finger, or furniture.

2. Grooming Kit

While grooming very young puppies might not be necessary, a new puppy parent will benefit from a puppy grooming kit because the grooming tools can be used to desensitize the new puppy, making grooming easier in the future. You could include in the kit all brushes needed (slicking, pin, etc.), tools to remove future undercoat such as an undercoat rake if the breed is doubled coated, nail cutter or a grinder, toothbrush and paste, and so on. Also, most (if not all) of this can be used once a dog is full-grown.

3. Dog Collars

As with any collar, you should get one that fits a new puppy. You could even get customized dog collars. Customized collars come in many different colors and styles, such as a martingale collar to help deter a dog from pulling on the leash. These collars can be engraved with a dog’s name and the owner’s contact information.

4. Training Treats

Regardless if a dog is a breed that is hard to train or easy to train, a dog’s training begins immediately. Therefore, we highly encourage anyone shopping for a new pet parent to buy training treats for positive reinforcement dog training. As a puppy is learning, many training treats will be used so the puppy learns good behavior; picking nutritious treats is highly recommended. This way the new pet parent is not likely to have to worry about the training treats causing illness in his new puppy.

5. Dog Beds

Finally, a new puppy is going to need a nice bed to sleep in at night. Especially for a new puppy, you will likely want to find a bed that will fit inside the puppy’s crate, since a crate is where at least most new puppies will be sleeping for a while. A bed that fits inside will also help a puppy parent to crate train the puppy. By having a comfy bed, a puppy is probably going to mind being in the crate less than if there is nothing comfortable on which to lie down to sleep. You might also consider getting a second larger bed for the dog to grow into in the future.

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