Carry us With You in Canine Designer Carriers

Bring Us with You in Designer Pet Pouches

Note to Doggie Moms and Dads:

You know that we love travel, so get busy and browse the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique for designer best pet carriers. ($59.95-$389.95) You can choose which styles and colors are right for my size and your fashion sense. Here are some great choices to buy.

Jaraden Carriers

Le Petit Mon Ami Kennel Pet Carrier by Jaraden ($159.50 on sale) is a “top dog” luxury bag. The size fits toy dogs like me that weigh up to 6 lbs. I will have plenty of room inside on a nice, thick velvety pad. There are mesh insets on the top and ends, with flaps that you can roll up and button. Or I can ride around with my head out to see where you are going, if you open the top. You can also discreetly hide me when I snooze; by just letting the flaps hang loose on each side. For you, mom there are two big button pockets on one side and a large pocket for your iPad on the other side. You can even carry this bag for me without a separate purse for you. Now, pick a color and let's go do some fun things together. 
Kwigy-Bo Pet CarriersThe Kwigy-Bo Alex Dog Carrier ($169.95) is a couture fashion accessory for you and tote for me. The soft quilted interior is cushioned for my comfort and the leathery quilted outside makes you look stunning. Pockets, for my treats and your keys, keep us compact while we travel. The straps are comfortable to carry me by hand or on your shoulder. There is a tether strap inside to keep me safe and snug. But the best part of this bag is how well it fits me without being bulky or clumsy for you. The airlines will let me go with you in the small Alex Kwigy-Bo bag so we can visit grandma this summer.

Petote Designer Dog Carriers Hey, doggie-dad, this one looks great on both of us. The Petote Roxy Designer Dog carrier in Khaki ($99.95) is trendy and compact. Yeah, mom likes this bag, too, but you know you are my best friend for doing “guy stuff.” There are mesh windows with roll-up flaps, and an adjustable security harness inside. The faux fur pad is so comfy for me. You can even unzip the sides to let me peek out while we walk or sit on a bench. Remember that time we took the train to DC? I had the most fun peeking out of the bag to see the world zip by at our window. Let’s see, where can we go this year? How about a trip to the little league baseball game so I can watch the boys run? 

Doggie moms and dads, you love to take me along and these designer pet carriers are the perfect way to show me a good time. In fact, why don’t you just get more than one, so that we can mix up our wardrobes with matching carriers? Mom will love the variety of colors; dad, you will like the tough materials of these bags. 

Sincerely, Your Favorite Doggie

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  • Margaret Mobly
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