Caring for Your Pets During COVID-19

Caring for Your Pets During COVID-19

During these trying times, we want to make sure our pets are safe and healthy. Although COVID-19 (Coronavirus) being transmitted to pets is a low percentage and research is still being gathered whether or not the illness can be passed from human to animal, it is important to think of your furry friend’s safety. Not only have things changed for us, but our pets can sense the anxiety and stress that may be felt during such a scary time for all. Here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy and safe during our current situation:

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of this specific virus, contact your physician immediately. COVID-19 symptoms include but are not limited to a fever, body aches, sore throat, dry cough and loss of sense of smell/taste. Your pet counts on you to care for them and provide them the things they need each day. If you are ill, not only do you need to take care of yourself, but you must stay vigilant so you can properly care for your pet. They rely on us for everything; we are their everything! Contact a doctor right away and follow recommendations given by a professional.

Limit your pet’s exposure to other people and pets. When taking your dog for a walk or out in the neighborhood, always leash your pet and keep them close to you. You can also use a soft harness to ensure your pet’s comfortability. Limit contact with other dogs. Many dog parks in the area are temporarily closed and large group gatherings are a risk for spreading the virus, so following these guidelines of social distancing will lower risk for contracting the virus and putting your pet in danger.

Wash your hands before handling your pet or your pet’s items/food. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to ensure you have disinfected your hands of germs, so that you do not risk spreading any type of germs on to your pet’s food, toys or bedding.

Always stay in contact with your veterinarian office, for updates on research and studies being done on this particular matter, as well as to communicate if your pet does develop any type of issue or illness while our state is in quarantine. When speaking to your veterinarian regarding your pet’s health, have on hand current medications and/or special care instructions being done to assist your pet’s healthcare professional more efficiently.

We all must do our part to keep each other safe and to continue to provide the love and care our pets deserve! Staying positive and keeping yourself current on the most up to date information will allow you to lower your risk for infection, as well as allow yourself to enjoy the little things in life like going for a walk with your dog or cuddling on the couch with your cat. Lastly, stay safe and well. Give your pet an extra hug or kiss today to let them know how much they matter to you!

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