Canines Attend Fall Festivals in Luxurious Pooch Purse Carriers


Dogs Attend Fall Fairs in Luxury Doggie Purse Carriers

Dogs love Fall events, so take your small pet with you in dog purse carriers from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. If you browsed the magazines for Fall fashions, you noticed that green, deep red and navy have been added to brown for trends in color. Add your own style for Fall travels with these luxury dog purses. 

Sporty Green Camo Goes to the Pumpkin Patch

Time for pumpkins to carve, eat and display, so take your best fur buddy to pick out a great pumpkin! We met a handsome guy, carrying his dog in the Kwigy-Bo Alexa Dog Carrier in Green Camo. ($119.95) The green and black camo dog carrier looked like a sporty briefcase, but when he set it down and opened the top; his Yorkie popped his head out to look at us. This doggie’s Kwigy-Bo Alexa dog carrier was small, but the Yorkie owner said it also comes in a larger size to fit dogs up to 14 lbs. We could not help but admire the snacks that hid in the extra outside pockets. Funny thing, though…after the Yorkie had a little bite to eat, he wanted to curl back up inside the carrier on his quilted pad. The owner said his dog was perfectly content to ride around as long as he could peek out the side mesh windows when the flaps were rolled up. We told them bye as the handsome guy put the bag over his shoulder. The straps and silver hardware were obviously strong and carried our new little friend away while he rode in plush comfort. 

Classic Navy at the Fall Festival

Next, we went to the big park in town, where a huge Fall Festival was taking place. Everyone was there in the finest cool weather attire, but the purses that people carried impressed us the most. We had fun guessing which totes contained doggies! While we sat on a bench, having pecans and a soda, we were joined by a pretty lady who had a navy purse with brown leather straps. She sat the purse beside us, rolled up the outside and top flaps and laughed when her Westie started sniffing us through the mesh windows. The Petote Metro II Dog Carrier in Navy ($159.95) looked just like a city shopping tote from a famous designer! The lady lifted her Westie out of the large tote and told us all about their adventures around town and travelling with this great luxury pet carrier. Inside, she showed us the thick faux fur pad that her dog loved to ride on while safely strapped with an inside tether. Two pockets held treats, the lady’s wallet, lipstick and cell phone. One large pocket held her iPad and a little blanket for her Westie. When we were ready to move on, the Westie hopped back into her bag for a ride to her next adventure. 

A Brown Satchel Goes to Class

We go to night continuing education classes at the local university, and we take our dogs twice per quarter. Our school is very pet-friendly, and we love it when we have doggie-night-class. Our study partner has a Jaraden Mon Ami Kennel Pet Carrier in Brown ($169.50 NOW ON SALE) that comes in one roomy size. It will carry dogs up to 16 lbs. but is most comfortable for my friend’s 10 lb. Silky Terrier. The heavy nylon and animal friendly leather accents look great on this brown dog purse carrier. It is also sturdy enough to carry her doggie plus a small laptop to use in class! When we get to class, we can let our pets out to greet each other. The Jaraden Mon Ami shoulder strap turns into a leash to show off the little Silky. He is so cute and funny; everyone wants to pet him. When the professor enters, we put our pets at rest. The Silky Terrier loves to get back into his big brown carrier so he can lay down on his 1.5” thick foam pad. Our dogs are so good that they simply sit and listen to what we learn in class on doggie nights. 

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique collection of dog purse carriers is great for travel (airline approved sizes), fun to carry (great looking styles and materials) and very reasonably priced (many are now on sale). This is one place you will get personalized service and help, so be sure to call or email your questions about what is right for you and your pet.

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