Cali and the Antler Chews from Elks

Cali and the Antler Chews from Elks

Elk Antlers Chews for Cali

Cali, the White Labrador Retriever, recently toured her neighbors’ backyards and discovered elk antler chews. She was amazed at how great the huge dog treats tasted, so she decided to do a little research on them.

Dogs Love to Chew

Cali’s first visit to Conway’s pool deck uncovered a small, chunky chew. Conway is a Toy Shih Tzu and weighs only 7 lbs., so his little mouth fit the 1-inch diameter by 2 inches long chew perfectly. When they talked, Conway told Cali his bone was two months old. He simply could not chew hard enough to get to the juicy pinkish stuff inside each end. Cali took a big chomp on the bone with her back jaw teeth, but she too, could not get the bone to crack. Wow! This was a great dog antler chew toy and Cali wanted to know more! 

Big Teeth, Big Dog Chews

Cali went to her friend, Suzy’s porch and found her chewing on a HUGE antler treat. Suzy, the Great Dane, has beautiful white teeth and Cali often wondered how she kept them so pretty and clean. The Jumbo/Extra Large antler had three sides to it, with the tasty pinkish marrow showing at each end. Suzy described how she used to chew on deer antlers, but they kept splitting into sharp pieces that hurt her mouth. Suzy’s Jumbo antler used to weigh about 1 lb., but she has had it for six months, and it is a lot skinnier than when she first got it. Even now, the elk antler is still eight inches long and ¾ inch in diameter. Cali bit down on the end of Suzy’s antler and had a good time chewing until her jaws got tired. When Cali went to bed that night, she dreamed about antler chews and wished she could have one of her own.

The next day, she ventured over to Bruiser, the Boxer’s, house, and found him gnawing away at his medium “after breakfast” elk antler chew. Bruiser told her that his chew was new and it was a medium, so his jaws fit perfectly around the 1-inch diameter while he held down the six-inch length with both his paws. Bruiser is a middle-of-the-bone chewer, so the ends of his antler were still untouched. He offered the antler to Cali, and she immediately went for the end to try and get at the pinkish stuff inside the bone. She gave up after a few minutes, because she knew from experience the day before that the outside was much too hard to crack. Bruiser told Cali that this was his 4th elk antler chew from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique and that he enjoyed chewing on them because they seemed to help his knee pain. Bruiser is over 8 years old and getting a little slower when he runs. Cali got Bruiser to fetch the package that contained his antler. She cleverly took the wrapper home and dropped it at her mom’s feet. When her mom read the information, she immediately went to the computer and did the research. 

Moose, Deer, Elk…Which Antlers are Best?

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique sells Antler Chews fom Elks that start at $9.95 and go up to $50.00 for the jumbo size. She found that the chews are freshly harvested from forests where the elk have shed their antlers and that they are not chemically bleached or treated in any way. Cali’s mom placed an order for the large antler. Large is just right for Cali’s big mouth and strong back teeth. It measures about 1 ½ inch in diameter and almost 8 inches long. Since the antlers are fresh, there may be a limited supply. Cali may have to wait 1 to 2 weeks for her antler, but she does not mind, because the long-lasting dog treat will be with her for months.

Do what Cali’s mom did. Go to "Antlers for Dogs" on the Doggie-Diva website; read the information and watch the video. When you see how elk antler chews compare to deer and moose antler chews, you will know the value of getting the freshest and longest-lasting treats for your doggie’s health.

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