Bring Bling Pet Jewelry to the Doggie House!

Bring Bling Pet Jewelry to the Doggie House!

Bring Bling to Your Doggie!

Bling Pet Jewelry can go a long way to show off your pooch's personality -- with elegant designs that really bring the bling back into your doggie’s look (and your own style!). Cute doggie necklaces are a comfortable and gorgeous alternative to the typical collar designs. Great for special occasions, photo shoots, as part of a too-cute Halloween dog costume or even just to wear around town, necklaces add a ton of personality and style to any pup.

And at Doggie-Diva, we always strive to get you the real deal, so this pearl doggie necklace is made with real freshwater black pearls! That is why each pearl bead is a slightly different shade and shape -- real pearls are uniquely shaped, each with its own personality.

There are other pearl necklace options as well. The Pink Pearl Pet Necklace at ($24.99) features real freshwater pearls in a pretty pink color -- great for the pampered princess pup! We also carry a White Pearl Necklace cost ($24.99) as well.

All our necklaces come in small (8”-11”) and medium (11”-14”) and are nickel free.

If your pet is the type that likes to chew through collars, you may want to consider something a little more durable. Pooch necklaces are much like human jewelry, and it would be sad to see such a stylish doggie accessory be gnawed at until it snaps.

There are plenty of options to choose from, so pick whatever look fits your pup the best. It will definitely showcase your dog’s inner diva!

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