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Authentic Stylish College Doggie Clothes

Support your team with official NCAA college dog duds
As long as it is still technically “winter,” be sure your doggie baby is warm. Doggie-Diva Online Boutique has the latest NCAA college dogs clothes. Whether your pet is your personal best friend, a granddog or a service pet, there are outfits, sweaters, jackets, shirts, tees, dresses and costumes fit for distinguished canines. Join the March Madness fun, by showing your colors with other college team attire. 

University of Georgia Bulldog Shirt

“UGA” bulldog may be the most notorious college mascot in the country, so help him cheer those dogs in any season. The University of Georgia tee shirt ($16.75) is a beautiful Georgia red with black trim. The regulation big “G” logo stands out in a crowd. The lightweight tee fits sizes S to L, so measure your dog’s length from the back of her neck to the tail to get the right size. You do not have to have a bulldog to appreciate this stylish shirt. Your Boxer or Terrier will look perfect in it. The important thing is that you and your mascot “woof, woof” along with the humans when they “let the Doggies out.”

University of California Berkley Shirt for Fido

The Golden Bears of CA-Berkley are not only cool and in style; their fans’ dogs have equally cool CA-Berkley tee shirts ($16.75). Also available in XS to L, your precious Toy Poodle whose back measures between 6” and 9” will look adorable next to your Collie whose length is 20”-24”. Rich royal blue material is trimmed with the golden bear color. The famous CAL lettering gleams across the front of the tee shirt. Your dogster will love to growl along with the Golden Bears as he struts around the park with his handsome shirt.College Sweaters

Louisiana State University sweater ($18.95)

Deck out your doggies during football season with a cozy knit sweater. The LSU canine sweater is bright yellow with deep purple trim and the famous” logo banded with two large tiger stripes of purple. You may have a family member at LSU, but you do not make many games because you live in Minnesota. It does not matter. Sport your furry partner around in her pretty yellow sweater and you will see passers-by smile at you and your sweatered tiger fan.

Michigan State Pet Sweater

We have a cousin who went to Michigan State, while her husband went to U of M. Whom do you suppose wins at dressing the doggie? She does, of course. Who could resist this gorgeous green Michigan State sweater ($18.95) with white ribbed neckline and sleeves? The certified State logo with the distinctive Trojan head is knitted into the sweater. The simplicity of green and white with the logo makes this sweater one your pooch will be proud to wear. My cousin will allow her husband to dress their baby in a U of M collar and leash in the warmer months. But when a sweater is required, this pup wears his Trojan green to all the best places. This doggie’s girlfriend sports funny dog clothes, so he found a Doggie-Diva Store cheerleader dress for her to wear. 

Check out all the NCAA certified college clothes at Doggie-Diva and outfit your enthusiastic doggie fan with a complete college wardrobe. Students, alumni, fans and boosters will appreciate you and your furry cheering gallery and thank you for your loyalty.

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