Approved for Airline Bags for Dog Travel by Kwigy-Bo

Kwigy Bo Doggie Carrier - Airline Approved 
Why not take your doggie overseas in comfort and style? Buy them a Kwigy Bo Alex Luxe carrier that is a lot better for them than the standard plastic carry box. Approved Carriers for Airlines by Kwigy Bo are the way to go! They will be a lot happier, because they will be able to snuggle down and feel at home. Make sure you check with the airline before booking to make sure they are allowed. Many airlines are familiar with the different dog carriers, and are giving permission to use them, but some have yet to be converted.
A Kwigy Bo pet carrier will be safer for your pets, but be careful some airlines, even though they say they accept them, still neglect the animals inside. Injuries have still occurred. Make sure they are in the strap provided in the canine purse, so at least they will not suffer too much discomfort from the flight.

Supply your pet with all the necessary things in the pockets; they will need on the journey. Provide water, treats and a toy. If the airline staff are professional enough to care for your doggie properly, your pet will know that you are still thinking of them, although they are not with you. Make them feel safe and loved as much as possible in their Fido compartment sling. Give them a toy so that they are not bored, and the journey will pass quicker for them. Keep them zipped up if they are nervous. They will enjoy being in their own bit of space in  Kwigy Bo Carriers that are approved by the airlines
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