Adorable Doggie Collars and Harnesses Give a Canine Character


Cute Collars and Harnesses Give a Dog Character

Hit the fashion scene with cute pet collars and harnesses for your doggie partner. You can dress her up in colorful patterns and add a flower or bow tie for even more style. Outfit your manly pup in a tartan or fun theme collar. Watch as you dress up your pup to see if he walks with a prouder strut or she swishes her tail a bit more. 

Bow Tie Flair

Our Boxer friend, Bruiser, is quite a fashion hound! He has a large collection of dog bow ties and collars to fit any occasion and season. He has a new Tartan in Poppy Dog Bow Tie. ($19.95) You should see him prance around with his dad. Since Bruiser can get the urge to “doggie-dance” when they are at outdoor concerts, it’s a good thing his cotton dog collars and bow ties are 100% machine washable. The matching Tartan in Poppy Dog collar ($16.95) completes Bruiser’s neckwear look! 

A Flower for Her Neck

FiFi, the Toy Poodle, loves to wear her Bellflower Dog Collar Flower ($13.95) accessory when she is feeling glamorous. Her mom’s favorite stone is Amethyst, so the gorgeous purple in FiFi’s flower complements her mom’s jewelry perfectly! Pair the flower with Bow Wow Couture Dog Collars, or an existing pet collar. The flower sizes are 3, 4 and 5 inches to fit the look for any dog’s size. Get an entire wardrobe of collar flowers for your princess to go with whatever you are wearing. 

The Best Harness for Style and Comfort

When your dog prefers a harness to a collar for long walks and trips to public places, the Puppia Dog Harness ($19.95) is the original soft harness that is not only comfortable, but also very stylish. The soft harness comes in a huge variety of colors and sizes XS to XXL (4 lb. to 50 lbs.) Add a matching leash and your best friend will jump at the chance to travel. You can still use cute poochie collars to give your doggie character, even with a harness. Add a cool Mod Dog in Navy Bow Tie or Flower ($13.95-$19.95) to a collar and your canine will be ready for a wedding, garden party or picnic in the park. 

Doggie-Diva Online Boutique and Couture by Bow Wow  give you so many choices; you will simply have to get your furry pal lots of adorable pup collars and harnesses.

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