Adorable Dog Clothes: Yes, We Do Like to Dress Up!

What is in your Canine Clothing Wardrobe?
I keep hearing pet owners say it is silly or cruel to make us dress up in clothes. NONSENSE! We love to show off our beautiful and cool furry bodies with accessories and cute canine clothes. After all, wearing a leash or harness all the time gets rather boring. My mom owner has an entire wardrobe in her closet, and she saved a couple of shelves for me. We love to match our attire to the occasion.

St. Patrick’s Doggie Shirt

You do not have to be in one of the three largest St. Pat’s Day parade cities (NYC, CHI, SAV) to celebrate by wearing a Lucky Charm shirt. ($19.95) The all-cotton shirt fits XS (1-3 lbs.) to XL (50-90 lbs.) and looks great on our walks around town. My big brother and I are the XL size types. One year, we met the Clydesdales in the Savannah parade. This year we are so happy to find Doggie-Diva Store shirts ($19.95-$26.95) that will WOW our friends. When we get home, the shirts will go in the wash for us to wear to other “lucky charm” events. Now, where did we put our beads from last year?

Little Sister Pooch Shirts

I was an adorable 5 lbs. when I came to live with my family. I was so cute in my “little sister” pink =shirt ($19.95) my new family gave me. Now I am as big as my big brother (90 lbs.) so I need a new “Little Sister” shirt that fits my adult size. My big brother likes to brag that I am his baby sister. We love our Doggie-Diva Boutique shirt store because we can find shirts for most any celebration or every day. The ribbed 100% cotton stretchy material is silk-screened with different designs and statements. Just look through the online catalog to find the shirt that fits your message.

Poochie Coats Keep us Warm and Dry

I do not know about you, but I am not fond of getting icicles on my fur during walks. I can cope with rain since I am a water doggie, but my neighbor, Connie the Bichon Frise, does NOT enjoy wet weather. Luckily, our moms and dads know about the Doggie-Diva Store that has the warmest doggie sweaters, coats and jackets. ($19.95-$28.95) We have managed to survive this cold winter so far. Now we are ready for spring and rain showers! 

Fido Raincoat Ladybug – Red

You know the old poem about “Ladybug, Ladybug…” right? This rain slicker in red ($19.95) with ladybug print is perfect for protection and style. It has a hood to protect your face in a downpour. One side is patent and reverses to a light jacket with more ladybug print. The sizes are from XS to Large (3 lbs. to 32 lbs.), so my friend is perfect for this wardrobe addition. Her fuzzy white Bichon fur looks marvelous in red! Maybe we will get our owners to take us on a walk in an April shower so we can show off. (Since I am too large for the jazzy red raincoat, my mom carries an umbrella for us.) But I do wear my red harness to match my neighbor’s red patent coat.

Embroidered Satin and Fur Doggie Coat

Oh, how rich and stylish we look in our reversible East Side Collection Embroidered Satin & Fur Coat. ($28.95 ON SALE) One side is satin with a shiny design, and the other is a cozy faux fur that has a unique pattern. My buddy, Prince, the Boston Terrier, and I love to walk with our moms in the city. We all don our furs (our moms’ furs are very nice also.) Then we go for a stroll to the park during the coldest of days. Prince’s fur dog coat is a champagne color that looks great on his black and white hair. Mine is amethyst that looks smashing on my white body. Prince wears a small and I wear XXXL. We also have an Italian Greyhound girlfriend who meets us in the park. She wears a champagne XS coat, but prefers to wear her satin side out. Need we say more? We are just the coolest, (uh, warmest) dogs in town.

Now doggie owners, stop worrying about how we feel about clothes for us. We would much rather have nice fitting adorable Fido clothes of our own, rather than getting hand-me-downs from you. Your baggy shirts never fit us properly, anyway! Now make room in that closet for our doggie wardrobe.

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  • Margaret Mobly
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