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When Dogs Talk We May Soon be Able to Listen

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 7/26/2017 to Dog Boutique

Amazon commissioned a study for a device that will translate what our dogs say…

Shiloh and Maddie TalkFor those of us who have constant canine companions, you will understand how exciting the recent news that Amazon says we may have dog and cat translators available to us in the next 10 years! WoW! The possibilities are endless if we can have a conversation with our beloved pets! Based on our research from the American Kennel Club, Cesar’s Way and Modern Dog Magazine, conventional theories about domesticated dogs’ behavior is at the least, incomplete!

Here is what we found out from our new favorite animal behaviorist, Con Sslobodchikoff, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University. For our purposes as a dog boutique, we will concentrate on our tail wagging best friends.

Dog with dog communication
Amazon commissioned a “Shop the Future” Report that includes the idea that a pet to human translator device will be available within the next 10 years. Dr. Con Sslobodchikoff’s research with Prairie Dogs and his Animal Communications Ltd. Organization is the basis for Amazon’s optimism about an Artificial Intelligence (AI) device that will translate the language of our beloved ear floppers! Dr. Sslobodchikoff and his students have decoded language patterns, communication details and productivity of new signals between the Prairie Dog population. He also discovered that the dogs live in communities and have a social structure, much like humans.

Well, my goodness, we knew that didn’t we? Our dogs are much happier when they are with us and other family pets. They love to herd, cuddle and watch out for us. They have their own way of communicating with each other, like nose bumps, sniffs, licks, growls, yips and tail wagging. How nice to have a true scientist understand and prove just how much our K9 partners really do have a complex brain!

Dog with human communication
Dr. Sslobodchikoff also has a blog on dog behavior and training that helps us understand why our furry friends may act out, be fearful or too energetic. Dogs may have distinct breed characteristics, but when it comes to our individual pet training, they will take on the traits of our own behavior and the way we train them. Training needs to be early, often and consistent to get the results we want for a well-behaved dog companion! Imagine how cool it will be to have an AI device on our pup’s collar to understand why they are bored, misbehaving or hyper energetic!

Overheard in the Veterinarian’s office, “my dog is so out of control, he may become a drug addict from the calming medicine; we had to electrify the fence to keep him from jumping over and he breaks things on the floor and countertops.” This poor doggie needs a new home or the owner needs to invest time and money into training this 10 year old dog! Sorry, but it may be too late for “old age” to calm this poor dog down! If only this dog could tell their owner what is bugging them!Dinnertime, Mom

Future possibilities between dog and human companions

  • When our pooch is nudging us and yipping, the AI device will say “treat me.”
  • When they are whining and pacing between you and the door, the dog talker will say, “I need to go now!”
  • When you hear barks and woofs in the kitchen, you may hear “dinnertime” from your pup’s collar.
  • When your small or large lap dog cuddles up to you, and purrs (yes, dogs do purr, too) the device will say “I love you.”
  • When you hear deep woofs and growls, your smart fur guard’s device will say “Danger” or “look out!”
  • If your four-pawed buddy has a high-pitched whine or squeal, the dog speaker will say “I’m hurting” or “I need attention.”
Dog CommunicationIf you now have a puppy, you may be able to get this device that helps dogs talk by the time they are mature. If you have a senior doggie, you probably know most of their signals, but oh, wouldn’t it be great if you knew what hurts, how they feel or why they are acting differently.? The most encouraging part of this newest animal research is that we know we have not been wrong all this time. Our doggie partners are truly family members that understand us, love us and appreciate our time and attention!

Resourse references for our Research:
Dr. Sslobodchikoff’ Website

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Photo Credit:
Margaret Mobley, author, Shiloh's Story

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