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Trish Hampton Dog Collars Are Now at Doggie Diva

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 4/23/2017 to Collars & Ties

Signature Trish Hampton Dog Collars Not Just another Collar for Pets…

When is a dog collar not just an ordinary collar for your fur baby? When it is lovingly hand-crafted by Trish Hampton, of course! Trish was discouraged with the Americana Dog Collarbland and boring selections of dog collars and leashes she found in stores, so she decided her own furry partners deserved more in the way of design, color and patterns! Now you, too, can have one of her signature Trish Hampton Dog Collars ($23.50 -$27.50) and leashes that match each design ($30.00 - $32.00) for your own tail waggers.

Whimsical dog collar collection

For her Whimsical collar collection for pets, Trish combines colors, stripes and dots to make up truly unique combos for celebrating things like spring, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas seasons! You will smile and be amazed when you 
see how clever
Americana Dog Leash her designer vision is with these clever collars, that even have matching leashes! One of our current favorites in readiness for July 4th and saluting the USA is the Trish Hampton Whimsical Collection Americana dog collar that has a background red ribbon topped with a navy blue one that is rich with tiny white dots. But, Trish does not just put together trendy looks, she adds supreme quality in all of her creations with a curved snap buckle closure, adjustable slide and nickel metal D-ring. Ah, but that is not all…she adds a removable clip that holds your pet’s ID tags and can be switched between collar and leash D-rings! Now how thoughtful is that? 

Other Whimsical ribbon on nylon mesh backing collars include green and red, orange and black, and the adorable red and pink with white dots “Love Bug” dog collar. Add the matching leash and you will have the most stylish four-pawed date, wherever you plan to socialize!

Stripe pet collar collection

It seems stripes are here to stay, according to all the fashion mags and catalogs, so Trish Hampton’s signature striped dog collar Collection in triple and double stripes is a real hit among pet lovers! Once again, Trish’s keen eye for design and Triple Stripe Dog Collarcolor make these gorgeous dog collars stand out in every crowd! Each of these special collars is handmade (not mass-produced) in the USA with loving hands that appreciate not only your pet’s comfort and safety, but also your fabulous sense of fashion! Now you tell us, how many times you thought of or saw color combos like green/blue/aqua, navy/light blue/orange or vertical preppy stripes in a rainbow array of candy colors? The double ribbon dog collar mixes include colors like coral/gold, pink/orange or chocolate combined with orange, aqua or hot pink?  Just take a peek at all the combos that Trish has in these triple and double striped collars and you will find so many reasons to have Triple Stripe Dog Leashthe styles you love for your pooch to match your own wardrobe preferences!

Mini Polka Dots collar for dogs collection

Little dots on bright colors make up the Double Ribbon Mini Polka Collection of Polka dot dog collarTrish Hampton Dog collars adding so much spark to your fur baby’s wardrobe, that you may find yourself looking for these classic dots and stripes mixtures to add to your own collection! Plus, the Candy Dots ribbon dog collar is richly dotted with polka dots in complementary colors! All of these designer dog collars come in sizes XS to XL that will fit tiny furry necks of 9 inches up to larger fuzzy necks of 26 inches! The adjustable slide lets you make an exact fit on your precious fur partner. The matching leashes are either 4 or 6 feet long, with a metal clasp for D-ring attachment.  Widths of the collars are according to size from 3/8 to 1 inch wide and the leash widths are in your choice of 3/8, ¾ or 1 inch widths.
Here is your chance to give your favorite partner with a waggy tail the look of Candy stripe dog collardistinction, individuality, glamour and status by adding these glorious Trish Hampton dog collars and leashes to your pet’s neckwear and walking wardrobe! We have seen these collars in photos of pets with their star owners…so you and your fur buddy will be in great company!

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