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Have a Small Dog? Then you can travel!

Posted by Margaret Mobley on 3/25/2015 to Carriers & Blankets

One of the greatest joys in having a small dog that weighs under 12 pounds is that they are true companions when you wish to travel. When you take your fur best friend to a restaurant, a café, a trip to grand mom’s or on transportation, it means a lot to be able to travel easily and securely.

Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique is dedicated to make your pet travel plans easier for you and supremely comfortable for your pet, including your small dog. Here is a list of concerns you may have and how we can help you

Small Dog Comfort and Security

Your pet under 12 lbs. needs to feel secure inside any carrier you place on your shoulder, hand carry or wear cross-body with a strap. Be sure there is a nice pad in the bottom of the carrier, with air vents on the ends and top. An internal tether that is a clip on safety strap will keep your pet stable when the carrier is in motion. If you need to close the top of the carrier for furry friends, be sure the closure hardware is easy to use and has a quick release in case you need to reach for your pet in a hurry.

The BK Atelier Dog Carrier Nat Champagne ($289.50) is a fine handmade pet carrier that has soft sides made from small dog friendly vegan material that is perforated for all around ventilation. The look and feel of this designer pet carrier will give you the ease of carrying your pet by hand or on your shoulder while your pet rests comfortably in her roomy interior. The size is approved by most airlines and fits easily under the seat in front of you thanks to the clever design and material.

Small Dog and Pet Carrier Sizing

You want your pet carrier to be a weight that accommodates your pet as well as rides comfortably on your shoulder. The material for pet carriers varies from canvas to leather to specially made pet friendly fabrics that will meet your weight requirements. The extras that come with dog carriers include pockets, additional straps that convert to a leash and removable padding for the bottom. When you are taking your pet with transportation, a heavier pet bag is fine when a lot of toting is not required. However, in airports, train depots or yachting, you may want a lighter carrier for the long walks to your destination.

BK Atelier Dog Carrier Rox Charcoal ($265.50) from Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique has a handsome grey canvas exterior that is perforated for your pet’s comfort. This BK Atelier Dog carrier also comes with a removable terry lining case to protect against wind and weather. One zipper pocket makes room for your essentials or your pet’s treats. The bag alone weighs only 2.2 lbs.

Small Dog Accessory Needs

Your pet may be one that likes to nestle into a truly cozy bed when you put him in his crate, kennel or carrier. A cozy “blankie” is always reassuring to add to your doggie’s rest spot. Your little dog may have a favorite toy that adds comfort to his travels. Pack a soft toy and you will have a quick distraction to hand your pet when he becomes restless. When you arrive at your destination and your pet is free to roam, rest or romp, you will be glad you brought his favorite belongings that you could pack easily in his dog carrier.

Doggie-Diva has a new fresh product that has proven to be a doggie favorite for any reason. The Minkie Binkie Dog Blankets and Crate Pads ($16.50-$82.50 - depending upon size) are the softest, sweetest and prettiest “Blankies” you and your pet will ever touch! Purchase the smaller square or crate sized pads and your pet will hop into his pet carrier the minute you are ready to travel.

You need not have any fear of travelling with your pet when you have the right equipment. A luxurious pet carrier that fits both your dog’s needs and your ease of use is only a click away. When you read the requirements for where, when and how to carry your small dog with you, then you can match your plans to the products that will make any trip fun with your favorite travelling companion.


Date 7/25/2015
Kathy and Heather Dusil
It is a very welcome store!!! Our Dexter is a min pin we adopted from minpinflorid? He was in foster home only a month. He came to them when his owner moved from Tennessee to Daytona Beach and the condo did allow dogs of any size. Miss Celeste took Dexter into her home with her 4-5 other dogs, many larger than our little min pin. My daughter had to put done her beloved Olliver Anthony 17 yo min pin. She had him since he was 5 was old. Wasn't sure she wanted another dog but that same day she logged on the imps(mini society). She was looking for those in need of adoption anywhere in Florida. Well, that same night she found Dexter who had only been in foster care for month. My daughter had business to do in Daytona beach where Dexter was living . She contacted Miss Celeste, who had taken Dexter into her home to make arrangements for us to meet Dexter and also if we all got along. Within 2 days, she packed herself, mom, and plenty of dog toys and bowls for food and water for ride home. If we all got along. Dexter just celebrated his 1st anniversary in our forever home. When we met with Miss Celeste and Dexter. Celeste had packed his toys he came with including small papas on chair he would nap in. We had also bought extra toys and even had a dog tag made with his name on it. When we were all ready to go, Heather said to Dexter it is time for a car ride. He jumped right in our car and into Grammy's lap and fell asleep for a 4 hour ride home. We had told him he was going to a forever jome prior to his jumping into car. After we all got I. Our places in the car, off we went to Treasure Island, Florida. He has brought so much joy and love Into our lives and home that otherwise would have been too quiet. Now we could never imagine being with out a min pin, Dexter is our 3rd. Both were 17 yrs old when put down and we had them when they were only a few mo this old. So we are spoiled by our little ones

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