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Tough Dog Toys

At the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, we want you to have pet toys that are fun, yet sturdy enough to last through canine teeth wear and tear. When larger breeds like to pull on, chew and shake their “prey” then Dog Tug Toys give them the best way to exercise that instinct. When you want tough pull dog toys for training sporting or working breeds, our selection provides strong materials, multiple grab points and squeakers with fun as well as traditional shapes!

Have you ever picked up a quick toy for your pooch, only to have it rip apart when he plays with it? Do you need something that is durable and interesting enough to keep your pup’s attention? Are there multiple dogs that like to play together?

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Duck Pentapull Dog Toy
Hedgehog Pentapull Dog Toy
Raccoon Pentapull Dog Toy
Squirrel Pentapull DogToy
All the fun of a ball and bone in one durable dog toy. Bound to give little chewers countless moments of play-filled fun. Guaranteed to last. Mini measures approx. 4.5" Long.
The perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog treat toy and guaranteed-tough Zogoflex
Jive is the most durable dog ball from West Paw Design yet
$9.50 $7.50
Bumi adds a fun twist to fetch and tug-o-war with an innovative ôSö shape that flexes out to twice its length.
$22.50 $12.50
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs
$12.50 $10.50
A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc is a must-have toy for active dogs.
$12.50 $10.50
Tough large dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large disk pet toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Tough large tug dog toy in bones, camo, leopard or paws
Non Toxic Toy Football for Pets
Perfect toy to keep your dog occupied.

Tough Pull Toys are what big, sporting and working breeds need…

Atough pull  toy that allows your doggie to catch it, grab it, tug on it and growl with it will quickly become his or her preferred choice for play and learning new tricks. The Pentapull Dog Toys are cute, while practical in shapes to mimic real prey that your chaser and retriever will go for. The Zogoflex collection is colorful, flexible and comes with a durability guarantee. Krazy Creatures come with a polyfill body and nylon covering that is easy on your pooch’s teeth. The Ultimate Tuffy group of tug toys are in familiar shapes that your sporting fur pal will love to catch and retrieve.

Tug dog toys are perfect to fulfill the pack and social natures of canine behavior. It is not as much fun for a puppy, adult or mature dog to play alone as it is to interact with you and/or other doggies. When you use tools for behavior, hunting and agility training, these toys with dangling appendages, give you more ways to bond and play with your four-legged partner. Choose from our collection of durable tug toys to fit your dog’s characteristics and size. They will love you for getting them a game that requires resistance, which means they will not have to play by themselves and will give them more chances to be social!

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